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Friday, October 30, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

ENC’s play director Jaqui Parker and Drama Department Head Eunice Ferreira knew they were going “over the line” with a play honoring gods.

“Once on this Island” is no drama production to be presented on a Christian campus, particularly that campus in the tradition of Wesleyan holiness belief and practice.

Countless prayers to gods as well as a night’s sex between two unmarrieds is just part of the play’s plot. Seductive dancing and outright demonic overtones are throughout. Violence—knives held to necks—weaves into the ongoings.

Yet this production had special invitations for children attending.

The play’s printed program gives away the double talk from both director and department head, such printed on page 2.

Play director Ms. Parker writes: “I realized that in all of the productions I have done here, never before had so many people opened up about their faith, about the Lord and about their fears and convictions.”

Sounds okay with “the Lord” mentioned and so forth. Or does it?

When watching the play, one defines “about their faith” as putting front and center faith in other gods. How “the Lord” fits in with that I cannot fathom nor do I try for I know it is double talk in print.

Further, “about their convictions” obviously refers to polytheistic convictions for there is no hint of biblical convictions anywhere in the play.

In addition, “about their fears” could refer to the violence-centered scenes, none of which would coincide with the confidence the Spirit of Christ offers His own. It must then mean the fears engendered by worshiping others gods, that being the only conclusion one could reach.

Ms. Parker goes on: “One Haitian student in the play said though the Gods in the play are not her belief, she was glad that this play was being done because she felt that it spoke to her and the history from which she comes.”

Is that gibberish or what?

The gods in the play do not match up with the Haitian student, but she was glad to have portrayed them for they helped her understand her own religious history, whatever that is. Surely it is not Christian. Does this sentence make any sense?

In other words, Ms. Parker and Ms. Ferreira are masters, or so they must have thought, of pulling the wool over the audiences. Did they not understand that most attending would be from the holiness background held to over years, expecting that college to continue assisting in forthcoming generations?

Ms. Parker continues: “Though this is not a ‘Christian’ play, it does indeed make us ask about our own faith and the consequences of the choices people make. I am very glad to have directed this production and thrilled that ENC was strong and courageous enough to view other cultures and educate using theatre as the vehicle. God bless.”

Will someone please explain this upside down sentence: “Though this is not a ‘Christian’ play, it does indeed make us ask about our own faith and the consequences of the choices people make”?

I have tried to figure out how prayers to other gods and violence and sex between unmarrieds helped me in any way to learn about the “consequences of the choices” I make.

So Ms. Parker is very glad that the college was “strong and courageous enough” to allow the play. “Courageous enough” spells out that trepidation should have been heeded when drama directors first read the play. The conclusion then should have been to have nothing to do with the play for a holiness college.

Finally, the “God bless” as Ms. Parker’s finale does nothing but underline the double talk printed prior. As if “God bless” is going to baptize the play’s reason for being at ENC. As if we the readers of the program and audiences seated in the auditorium are going to forgive all the unforgiveables in the production just because Ms. Parker waves us a final “God bless.”

Now to Drama Department Head Ms. Ferreira: “The vision statement of Eastern Nazarene College was recently rewritten to intentionally embrace the diversity and richness of our metropolitan location and challenge students to locally and globally commit to lives of service.”

What? Come on now, Ms. Ferreria. Surely you think your audience too stupid, true? What do all those juxtapositioned words mean to the intelligent reader?

Regarding the play in particular, inquirers have been notified by the College President Corlis McGee that the college mission statement has not changed. What then is the “vision statement” mentioned by Ms. Ferreria?

Is it in variance to the college mission statement? Are there two statements, one in conflict with the other? Is one holding to past moral and theological commitments while the drama department has another statement going its own way?

I am thoroughly confused at this point. The ENC play program states the “vision statement” is changed. The president states that the “mission statement” has not changed. What’s up with this confusion? Who to believe?

Further, in Ms. Ferreria’s statement in the printed program, does not one’s hair start to rise on the flesh when reading such buzzwords as “diversity” and “richness of our metropolitan area”? After all, the “vision statement was recently rewritten to intentionally embrace the diversity and richness of our metropolitan location. . .”

Then I would like to receive a copy of the “vision statement”? I have requested of the president a copy of the college’s mission statement. Thus far I have not received it.

To back up slightly, considering Boston, what is one to conclude that Quincy’s ENC is up to in siding up to that metro’s milieu and diversity therein?

The sum of it is that both Ms. Parker and Ms. Ferreria were not quite sure if this antiChristian play would fit ENC; nevertheless, they went on with it.

To cover themselves, they had printed on the second page of the program gibberish in hopes that the sleepy attenders would just overlook the travesty endured—and paid for.

If there is ever a repetition of this angst, protesters will be outside Cove Center with posters warning ticket holders, media coverage on hand to inform the world.

Read “Eastern Nazarene College anti-Christian play presented” at







J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Real biblical Christians don’t hate.

That the Barack Hussein Obama administration does not get. That is because Obama is not a Christian.

He may belong to a Protestant denomination, but that group is anti-God theologically liberal.

He may claim to be “Christian” but by one’s fruits he is known. Obama’s fruits are not biblically lush.

Therefore, when Obama signs the “Hate Crimes” bill, he sides in with those who simply don’t understand the mission of Christians.

Christians are taught by Christ to love friends and also enemies. Christians who are true to the commission pray for those who disagree with them; they don’t taunt or murder them. They pray for them, care for them.

Therefore, when Christians in and out of the pulpit preach from the Bible concerning sexuality, they delineate God’s revelation, not their own opinions. In doing so, they give forth God’s definition of sex in marriage. It is sex between male and female.

Why this specification?

Because God has created the sex gift. He thereby provides guidelines by which to keep that gift free from disease.

When Obama signs the present bill, he does not support that disease-free perspective of the divine. Instead, he counters it by supporting that lifestyle which encourages AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Is that what the President of the United States should do? Is that what America should endorse? Hardly.

However, real Christians understand play-acting such as is evidence by the Oval Office occupant. Real believers are not naïve to those appearing as biblical disciples while not living the life. That is par for the wise course.

Therefore, biblical advocates continue to exhort the biblical message regarding sexuality. They will continue for their arch leader is no mortal. They follow the God of the universe and His purpose for their existence.

Biblical Christians will then keep on keeping on with the healthy gospel message related to sex and its part played out in the disciples’ lives. That in itself will give forth the healthy hope to each generation.

It is sad that the opposition does not get the positive, uplifting directives of biblical preachers and teachers.

However, though they may not get it, commissioned spokespersons remain loyal to God and His Word, understanding that God Himself gives to each mortal free will to reject or receive the divine message.


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

We just returned home to the USA from being at our Nova Scotian home for awhile—a welcomed respite.

That was a delight to spend autumn’s center in the heart of Canada’s Maritimes.

What added to this was meeting new Christian friends. Just up our country road in Upper Kennetcook we came upon a believing family of ten! On our first Tuesday evening there we fellowshipped in their home.

Then for worship, we sat in their Milford sanctuary
where we were greeted most warmly.

A new village couple come upon enjoyed cake, ice cream and hot Canadian two-bag tea in our kitchen for an afternoon. We had a lot of family lineage detail to catch up on in that the woman in particular was knowledgeable to much that we had never known.

Yes, we socialized with friends every day for nearly two weeks—some in their living rooms and at other times they came to our home. All in all, it added up to be a rich time in exchange.

Sadly, the local Kennetcook United Church of Canada, like most of that denomination, continues its wandering in the spiritual wilderness. But we have been led of God to discover other venues for genuine biblical worship. In that, we are most grateful.

On one Wednesday evening we were privileged to stumble upon The Couriers in gospel concert! What a boon.

We had actually waited all afternoon for the 7 PM prayer meeting at a Truro church, only to discover no lights on in the sanctuary. Going to the parsonage door, the pastor said that the service had been cancelled that night.

Driving disappointedly away from there we headed toward town center, only to come upon lights very much on to the left of us. I pulled the van over to the curb, parked it and disembarked to bask in the country gospel music of the much-honored Couriers threesome. God knew we would find His surprise treasure for a mid-week believers’ gathering.

After just having endured the Eastern Nazarene College drama department’s antiChrisitan play at our homecoming reunion weekend, then posting on the Internet my disappointment at my alma mater’s praise for demonic gods in place of Jesus as God, the Lord scooped us up for a soul reprieve in Nova Scotia.

God knows how to provide a healthy rhythm for His workers. And so we took advantage of His offering.

Of course, we thanked heaven for our country home’s woodstove. And neighbor Shawn and mother Shelia keeping us in stock with a hefty wood supply.

I walked through the meadows, now overrun graciously with this season’s weeds. Various shades of beige in weed supply is an artist’s pleasure.

I took in the morning’s bird chatter. I missed the groundhog who must have discovered another homebase than next to our shed.

Thankfully, this visit had no pressing for building maintenance since the projects staring at us in the spring have been successfully wrapped up.

As we closed the door for the last tine in 2009, I thanked Jesus profusely for this lovely gift presented us by my mother-in-law when she entered His embrace in May 2003.

Read “Eastern Nazarene College anti-Christian play” presented at


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The world is under attack on numerous levels. But Christians live, not under demonic attacks, but under God’s grace.

When you go to sleep at night, thank God for His protective grace.

When you wake up in the morning, thank God for His fatherly mercy watching over you.

There is nothing that can happen in the committed life that can swerve that life from God’s heart. God is God. God is in charge of the surrendered soul.

Therefore, “take no thought for the morrow,” as Jesus counseled.

God is in charge of the surrendered tomorrows. You may plot and scheme for your security all you want to, but if your existence is under God's care, why do you do that?

But you say that God has given you reasoning powers; therefore, it is your responsibility to “plot and scheme for your security.”

Not so.

It is your responsibility to reason your head into the mind of Christ. You are to pray through to the divine graces. You are to learn the peace of total surrender to the divine plan.

Consequently, quit worrying about the attacks on present-day planet Earth. God owns the planet. It could have been blown up decades ago. It is still spinning on its axis because God holds back the demonic atomic explosives.

Satan threatens the Earth, God’s footstool, so that Satan can climb up on the footstool to hoist himself upon the heavenly throne. That will never happen. Even Satan knows that.

God protects His footstool, particularly in a nuclear age. Therefore, the same God is protecting His grace children.

So in these dire times, “take no thought for the morrow.” Rest in God’s graces, His mercy, His fatherly care for your tiniest matter. Even the hairs on your head are numbered just as God numbers the stars and knows them by name.

I talked with a woman who was threatened with all sorts of horrific conclusions against her security. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that she was going to lose her job, house and furnishings. In short, she was going to be put on the streets.

I urged her, a sincere believer, to surrender all that to Jesus.

“When Jesus puts you on the curb, call me and I will join you on the curb with Jesus and you,” I offered.

One afternoon I phoned her. “There IS a God!” she exclaimed.

Then she related that in three hours Jesus intervened on every attack level to perform one miracle after another—practical miracles.

I reiterated what I had counseled her all along the journey: “take no thought for the morrow.”

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dear ENC President Corlis McGee:

I just sat through the 4 pm October 17 musical, "Once On This Island," in Cove Center.

I am disappointed and disgusted.

This play should never be presented on a Christian campus, let alone a holiness campus.

Its accent on godS--in the plural--was throughout, particularly praying constantly to these gods, in one instance for gods to heal a sick body. There is only one God who appeared in Christ. There is no room for polytheism laced throughout an ENC drama department presentation.

At the Friday homecoming Marriott dinner, when the musical was highlighted with a lead actress singing, she sang out "My God. . ." in the singular. That obviously told the attendees that she was praying to the biblical God, the deity adhered to by Eastern Nazarene College. However, when she sang that same song in the Saturday musical, "God" was changed to repeated mentioning of "gods," not only by this one singer but all singers in one selection after another.

Further, there were two lovers in the play who spent the night together--unmarried. Such was an obvious scene depicting just that, no indirect implications implied. It was evident without apology or qualification.

In addition, there was much so-called dancing throughout the musical. The dancing was without doubt in most instances quite suggestive. This underlined most disturbingly the demonic overtones from start to finish. There is no polite way to state that but to state the strong term "demonic."

Moreover, who scheduled this offensive presentation on none other than the Lord's Day afternoon at 4 o-clock?

In the printed musical program on page 2, the musical director and drama department head both tried to legitimatize the musical as being multicultural, a lesson in colonialism, etc. Even praise was given to students sharing with one another their understandings of "the faith." This does not wash with any thinking Christian, that is, when sitting through the production. These two program page 2 statements are limp at best, insulting at worst.

The musical was not a "child-friendly" performance because of the violence and demonic/ghost insertions. What child should have been subjected, for instance, to scenes in which knives were put to humans' necks under threat of slaying these individuals? I am sorry that my granddaughter, age 5, was seated in the audience.

A teen grandchild of mine was planning on attending ENC in a couple of years. Now, not so.

My wife and I will not be contributing moneys henceforth to ENC.

Though having attended ENC plays for decades, I doubt if I will ever trust an ENC production again. I will never recommend friends attending an ENC play, though I have been a chief supporter of same for years.

What is particularly sad is that the young students in the musical have now been given the message that this kind of anti-Christian production is legitimate at Eastern Nazarene College; therefore, they will expect same for future productions. This should never happen again.

These students should be read such emails as this one. And the musical director as well as drama department head should be given this email with directives to squash any hopes of scheduling this kind of content.

I noted in the musical program on page 2 there a sentence that the college mission statement has been changed. A red flag went up on that sentence. Why has that mission statement been changed? I then would appreciate you mailing to me the "old" mission statement" and the "new" one to compare what change has been made for as far as I know we alumni have not been informed of any change in the college mission statement.

Finally, I am seriously posting on well-read Internet websites the above for Eastern Nazarene College graduates and prospective students to read what has happened in Cove Center this homecoming weekend. If the world does not know, I fear that the drama department is going to continue its present track of improper productions at the college from which I graduated.

I cannot envision my professors Bertha Munro, Edith Cove, Alvin Kaufman and such ever countenancing a musical such as has been offered this homecoming event 2009. This kind of "opening up the door" to obscene, anti-Christian productions simply cannot continue. If it does, I will be at the forefront to communicate with as many alumni as I can muster about this horrific intrusion.

J. Grant Swank, Jr., POB 1984, Windham ME 04062

207 892 4992


Saturday, October 10, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

(The author has written on prophecy for half a century, particularly in the book MOMENTS TO GO by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City. Though out of print, copies are still available on

Iranian thug leaders are imploring the United Nations to slap Israel around for Israel stating that nation will ruin Iran if Iran does not peace up.

“Iran's ambassador to the UN, Mohammad Khazaee, sent a letter of protest to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonin which he wrote that ‘there is no explanation for Israel's continuing threats against Tehran’” per’s Dudi Cohen.

Iran, the peacemaker, lets the world know that Israel is the planet’s villain maximum.

Of course, Iran the peacemaker is one of the major lies spinning around the globe these days.

All of this increased tension between Iran and Israel simply underlines biblical prophecy placed alongside daily newsfeeds.

The Bible makes much of a slip of land the size of New Jersey—Israel. God has a liking for the small place and the little people. Check it out in the Scriptures for numerous examples.

Therefore, the navel of the planet—Israel—is once again bringing to headlines daily biblical names: Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Galilee, Nazareth and the like.

This geography where God incarnate ministered publicly for three years has brought history full circle at the close of the Church Age. The tiny Israel piece is THE focal point when all is said and done.

The Bible underscores, for instance, the Valley of Megiddo. There the last battle of the Church Age will take place. At its height, Christ will
return in the clouds, angels and redeemed saints joining Him.

He will descend through the atmosphere, His feet touching the Mount of Olives, splitting it in half from east to west. From there He will proceed to the Holy City to rule for a thousand years. His saints will rule alongside Him as “priests and kings,” that is, in religion and politics.

Israel is the Holy Land. It is where God called Abraham to establish the “people of God.” Abraham’s line would trace down through history to the Messiah’s appearance in

It would be in this Israel that Messiah Christ would proclaim Himself to be the Savior of repentant humanity. It was in that locale that He was murdered, then rose from the dead, ascending to be seated at the right hand of God
the Father.

It has been Israel that has continued to be the center of the most significant religious and political happenings worldwide. Now today all eyes continue to scan Israel for the latest tremor, promise and confusion.

No wonder the devil’s Islam threatens the Holy Land. Just as the devil has always salivated to take the throne of God in heaven, the devil seeks to rule from God’s Holy Land.

Therefore, Iran’s rule screeches out threats against Israel, Satan actually being the voice thrusting forth from Iran’s throat.

Demons don’t stand a chance. God is God. God tops demons. God will possess His land by the rule of the Son Christ. God will squash the Islamic attacks, not because Israel deserves preserving due to its allegiance to the Messiah Christ but because God loves His land.

In Ezekiel, God prophesied that He would bring back His Holy Land, furnishing it agriculturally and urban-wise, not because the Israelis deserve all that but to vindicate His holy name.

Even now God is in the process of vindicating His holy name. God God God is written all over present-tense Israel and will continue to be so until the sky splits open with the King of Kings ruffling the planet’s surface with the greatest earthquake ever experienced.

Never take your eyes off Israel. Note demonic Iran’s bad-mouthing Israel. Then watch how God works through both components to establish biblical prophecy—piece by piece.


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Obama plans to speak Saturday at a dinner hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights group” per AP’s Andrea Miga.

Now this is the same Barack Hussein Obama who has stated that he walked to the front of his church one day, stood there at the altar, and witnessed Jesus.

This is the Obama who testifies that he is “Christian” and believes in the power of prayer. He says that he holds faith as a mighty force in his life.

This is the Obama who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s pew along with thousands of others. This is the man who has signed his name to the membership of the United Church of Christ—Congregational.

And this is the same Obama who sponsored numerous gospel concerts throughout the South’s Bible Belt during his presidential campaign. He also mounted pulpit after pulpit to quote Scripture. He courted the evangelicals by walking onto their church platforms, smiling at the congregations.

Therefore, this is the major hypocrite in American religion at present. He also sits in the Oval Office.

Because of his double-tongued speech, he is not of the God of the Bible but of the demonic. There is no in-between. One is either in league with the Holy Spirit or the unholy spirit.

Obama’s religious convictions place him clearly in the unholy spirit category. No matter what his mouth may say otherwise, his ethics are on the side of the anti-Bible.

Consequently, when Obama slaps on the back the homosexuals on the march to Washington DC he slaps God in the face. He will pay severely for this at the Judgment Seat of Christ.
He will lose his soul to damnation if he continues on that course.

Now to those knowledgeable concerning the Word of God, that is not severe language. That is truth. To liberals who are anti-Bible or ignorant of Scripture that sounds harsh. So be it. The liberals’ reaction is nothing new.

Yes, Obama, the liberal churchman who works day and night to further everything that Christ taught against, stands right alongside those enhancing AIDS-HIV and other diseases by sexual sins.

Obama, stating he is in favor of healthy families, actually opposes that in practice. By smiling upon same-sex activities, Obama blatantly opens the doors to traumatic illnesses and death due to those exchanges.

One cannot have it both ways. One cannot be for America’s health and at the same time further sexual alliances that yield tragic, terminal illnesses brought on by practicing sin.

However, this weekend, Obama once again will tout the liberal mantra that homosexual practice is a legitimate activity—a right, a privilege in fact—and must be a foundational mooring for our culture.

This is the lie. This is hypocrisy in human form. This is insane propaganda that reeks of body decay due to disobeying God’s definition of legitimate sexual practice.


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

So many dead. So many grieving. So many distraught.

Where is God? Where is the good God?

Good God created all things sound and pure. Then He placed our first parents in paradise — the Garden of Eden. There, however, was a stipulation. They dared not touch a particular tree. That obviously was to test the mortals-with-free-will obedience quotient.

All other creatures on Earth were programmed by instinct. Only Adam and Eve were gifted with free will — the awesome power of choice. In that, at least, was their image of deity upon their very own natures — the power to think, to make decisions.

Yet, sadly, our first parents disobeyed God to follow the Lie. The Lie told them God really didn’t mean what He said. It was all a ruse. Good God would overlook their eating of the forbidden fruit. After all, He is good God.

However, good God is not only mercy but also justice — eternally so. If He were not, none of us would want to know Him let alone worship and obey Him.

In His mercy and justice, God dealt with Adam and Eve’s disobedience. In His mercy, He did not slay them. He permitted them life and forgiving grace — but a temporary span on Earth, not the eternity He had originally planned. In His justice, He disciplined them by casting them out of Eden. Further, Eve would give birth in pain. Adam would dig out a living by the sweat of his brow.

Earth fell when our first parents disobeyed God. In that, mortal’s body and soul fell, hence there being sickness followed by death as well as meanness, madness and murder, anger, animosity and anxiety.

Further, when Earth fell due to Adam and Eve falling for the Lie, the globe itself came upon its own calamities. They were not originally intended by good God. They were the result of mortals’ disobedience, hence floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and, yes, earthquakes.

Earth’s calamities should then remind us that mortals are indeed frail, fragile creatures in need of the Power above and beyond themselves. Mortals are temporary creatures of a spiritually fallen planet. Mortals are in need of a merciful, comforting God.

Therefore, when earthquakes take lives, spring forth wails of woe, and cover the planet with depression, they remind us of history’s beginnings. They remind us of the awful state the planet is in due to mortal going his and her own way apart from good God. They remind us to call out for mercy, for divine help, and for a hope that is beyond and above the earthquakes, winds and fire.

An earthquake is not God’s fault. It is mortals’ fault — from the start, that is. Adam and Eve’s lineage have had to deal with their disobedience ever since they went for the Lie. That should surely underline for all thinking mortals how truly crucial it is to obey an Almighty God, falling at His feet for mercy and grace, beseeching Him to redeem Earth’s tragedies into a meaning that only eternity can fully explain.

The hope? The hope in a spiritually fallen world is still the good God. There really is no other alternative other than despair and finally spiritual and / or physical suicide. Hope comes from reaching out in faith to good God, calling upon His everlasting arms, and finding Him there — no matter the tragedy, the loss, and the perplexity.

In that, good God has the last word for those in faith. In that, good God then is their Almighty One placing His period at their last sentence.

God Himself acted out before us how to deal with this spiritually fallen planet. He came to earth in Jesus. He taught and loved and healed. Then the jealous enemy spiked Him to the cross. Murder. Injustice. Madness. Meanness. Cruelty.

Yet from that zenith of calamities came His resurrection. And from those lips — now alive and loving — come the words: "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me shall not die. Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I stand at the door and knock. If anyone will open, I will come in to him and sup with him and he with Me."

Till the close of Earth’s history, tragedies will continue to spill themselves over the face of the planet — since Adam and Eve first fell for the Lie. But out of every tragedy, faith can lift the arm of hope toward good God. In doing so, victory is assured through the tears. Eternity will prove it to be true.


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

They’re ganging up on us. That’s the message.

They’re ganging up on us more and more.

The rational citizens of the planet have been attacked again by the irrational, liberal zealots out to flatten civilization.

Barack Hussein Obama has done nothing to further world peace. Instead, the charlatan represents Marxist Muslims intent on wiping out all that is good, starting with abolishing our Republic.

Obama is determined to destroy our healthcare system, economy and Christian heritage. He has surrounded himself with like destroyers.

When the Republic implodes, then those Islamics geared up for Islam World Rule will see to it that there is no peace anywhere, Obama having provided the playing field on the highest level.

Henceforth, the Nobel Peace Prize can never be
regarded with any respect from knowledgeable persons. This joke now laid upon the thinking world is obscene as well as dangerous. No wonder citizens of integrity are outraged beyond words.

As the Bible states, in the Latter Days right will be called wrong and wrong will be called right. This so-called honor put upon Obama is the work out of that kind of devilish twist and turn.

Obama does not define peace but is in fact leading the world toward Armageddon, the Muslims cheering him on at every juncture. He embodies the spirit of Antichrist in that he states himself a “Christian” while opposing Christian ethics.

He claims to be furthering democracy when in fact establishing godless socialism.

He undercuts pro-life endeavors, the latter moored in biblical morality.

He applauds sodomy.

He opposes Israel’s existence while befriending Islamic tenets.

He places atheism on the same level with Christian faith, admonishing America that those who witness to being anti-God have a legitimate leverage in crafting our societal milieu.

All of these positions fly in the face of the God of the Bible. Not one is in keeping with holy writ. Not one.

Those persons who stand alongside anti-God postulates further war, not peace.

Obama does not know the God of peace. He
never will know the God of peace until he discovers the Prince of Peace—Christ. He must confess this Christ as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the holy one embodied in flesh and bones.

One cannot exist in soul mid-way—between God and the demonic. Each spirit is in one camp or the other. Obama’s own repeated public testimonies regarding ethics and religion put him in the demonic camp. That is not a prejudicial statement; that is reality when studying scriptural morality in light of Obama’s political and religious convictions.

Consequently, this Nobel Peace Prize presentation all the more places Obama in the lie category—another outright lie for the furtherance of Islam World. It is another lie permitted by Allah who has declared that lying is virtuous when establishing global Muslim domination.

Liberals on the Nobel Peace Prize committee are of the same Antichrist spirit as Obama; therefore, they spur on this so-called distinction in league with the darker powers meant to shred our Christian base in America.

Peace? No way can it be found in Barack Hussein Obama. His mask is peace. His substance is global dictatorship via the dictates of the Koran, the very hellish heritage he was reared in as a child and young adult.