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Monday, March 1, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Could Facebook have become more popular than NazNet? Maybe.

NazNet founder/owner Dave McClung states on his site that Facebook might have magnetized communicators over NazNet.

That very well could be the fact. There are so many integrity questions looming about NazNet that persons with an honest heart for biblical truth may just be making a reasonable detour to Facebook.

After all, NazNet describes itself as “friend” to the holiness, evangelical Church of the Nazarene while posting anti-Bible reads.

Moderators Hans Deventer and Scott Cundiff, both listed on NazNet masthead, are chief integrity offenders when it comes to boasting anti-Bible beliefs.

Deventer does not believe in the Bible, just sweet Jesus counts. In other words, a hug from Jesus is okay, no matter biblical researching of details concerning this or that.

Deventer also holds that unsaved souls are snuffed out at the last breath. In other words, there is no hell, only annihilation of the unsaved.

Deventer holds to an “intermediate state” upon death—whatever that means. In other words, “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” does not hold for Deventer as he constantly types out his doctrinal oddities.

Cundiff states on NazNet that the more one
studies the Bible, the less one knows about God. Reach your own conclusion on that zinger.

Cundiff espouses the emergent church as a springboard for revitalizing Christianity—the emergent church holding to no “objective truths” per prime leader Brian McLaren. Cundiff concludes McLaren’s situation ethics to be posh.

Cundiff even goes so far as to say that kind of agnosticism clarifies his “Wesleyan” understanding. If you make sense of that one, let the rest of us biblical enthusiasts know, please.

McClung baptizes these heresies by permitting them to reign on his site. If McClung were theologically astute he would have never mastheaded these two left-wingers for theological liberalism—totally contrary to the Wesleyan, holiness base of the Church of the

More could be noted. For additional information on NazNet distortions, click onto NAZNET DISTORTS at

With the above taken seriously, it could be that biblical loyalists are now sidelining NazNet for other forum opportunities on the Internet. It surely would be a breath of fresh honest air to those genuinely interested in sharing spiritual insights.

After all, it takes quite an intense search on NazNet to discover anything of theological or practical Christian living substance. There is froth all over the place. But substance is lacking—obviously so. Irritatingly so to the thinking believer.

On alternative forums intelligent Bible-wise disciples can get deeply into doctrine and Christian-applied living without having to sidestep NazNet heresies floating throughout that site.