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Friday, October 30, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Real biblical Christians don’t hate.

That the Barack Hussein Obama administration does not get. That is because Obama is not a Christian.

He may belong to a Protestant denomination, but that group is anti-God theologically liberal.

He may claim to be “Christian” but by one’s fruits he is known. Obama’s fruits are not biblically lush.

Therefore, when Obama signs the “Hate Crimes” bill, he sides in with those who simply don’t understand the mission of Christians.

Christians are taught by Christ to love friends and also enemies. Christians who are true to the commission pray for those who disagree with them; they don’t taunt or murder them. They pray for them, care for them.

Therefore, when Christians in and out of the pulpit preach from the Bible concerning sexuality, they delineate God’s revelation, not their own opinions. In doing so, they give forth God’s definition of sex in marriage. It is sex between male and female.

Why this specification?

Because God has created the sex gift. He thereby provides guidelines by which to keep that gift free from disease.

When Obama signs the present bill, he does not support that disease-free perspective of the divine. Instead, he counters it by supporting that lifestyle which encourages AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Is that what the President of the United States should do? Is that what America should endorse? Hardly.

However, real Christians understand play-acting such as is evidence by the Oval Office occupant. Real believers are not naïve to those appearing as biblical disciples while not living the life. That is par for the wise course.

Therefore, biblical advocates continue to exhort the biblical message regarding sexuality. They will continue for their arch leader is no mortal. They follow the God of the universe and His purpose for their existence.

Biblical Christians will then keep on keeping on with the healthy gospel message related to sex and its part played out in the disciples’ lives. That in itself will give forth the healthy hope to each generation.

It is sad that the opposition does not get the positive, uplifting directives of biblical preachers and teachers.

However, though they may not get it, commissioned spokespersons remain loyal to God and His Word, understanding that God Himself gives to each mortal free will to reject or receive the divine message.