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Saturday, October 10, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

(The author has written on prophecy for half a century, particularly in the book MOMENTS TO GO by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City. Though out of print, copies are still available on

Iranian thug leaders are imploring the United Nations to slap Israel around for Israel stating that nation will ruin Iran if Iran does not peace up.

“Iran's ambassador to the UN, Mohammad Khazaee, sent a letter of protest to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonin which he wrote that ‘there is no explanation for Israel's continuing threats against Tehran’” per’s Dudi Cohen.

Iran, the peacemaker, lets the world know that Israel is the planet’s villain maximum.

Of course, Iran the peacemaker is one of the major lies spinning around the globe these days.

All of this increased tension between Iran and Israel simply underlines biblical prophecy placed alongside daily newsfeeds.

The Bible makes much of a slip of land the size of New Jersey—Israel. God has a liking for the small place and the little people. Check it out in the Scriptures for numerous examples.

Therefore, the navel of the planet—Israel—is once again bringing to headlines daily biblical names: Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Galilee, Nazareth and the like.

This geography where God incarnate ministered publicly for three years has brought history full circle at the close of the Church Age. The tiny Israel piece is THE focal point when all is said and done.

The Bible underscores, for instance, the Valley of Megiddo. There the last battle of the Church Age will take place. At its height, Christ will
return in the clouds, angels and redeemed saints joining Him.

He will descend through the atmosphere, His feet touching the Mount of Olives, splitting it in half from east to west. From there He will proceed to the Holy City to rule for a thousand years. His saints will rule alongside Him as “priests and kings,” that is, in religion and politics.

Israel is the Holy Land. It is where God called Abraham to establish the “people of God.” Abraham’s line would trace down through history to the Messiah’s appearance in

It would be in this Israel that Messiah Christ would proclaim Himself to be the Savior of repentant humanity. It was in that locale that He was murdered, then rose from the dead, ascending to be seated at the right hand of God
the Father.

It has been Israel that has continued to be the center of the most significant religious and political happenings worldwide. Now today all eyes continue to scan Israel for the latest tremor, promise and confusion.

No wonder the devil’s Islam threatens the Holy Land. Just as the devil has always salivated to take the throne of God in heaven, the devil seeks to rule from God’s Holy Land.

Therefore, Iran’s rule screeches out threats against Israel, Satan actually being the voice thrusting forth from Iran’s throat.

Demons don’t stand a chance. God is God. God tops demons. God will possess His land by the rule of the Son Christ. God will squash the Islamic attacks, not because Israel deserves preserving due to its allegiance to the Messiah Christ but because God loves His land.

In Ezekiel, God prophesied that He would bring back His Holy Land, furnishing it agriculturally and urban-wise, not because the Israelis deserve all that but to vindicate His holy name.

Even now God is in the process of vindicating His holy name. God God God is written all over present-tense Israel and will continue to be so until the sky splits open with the King of Kings ruffling the planet’s surface with the greatest earthquake ever experienced.

Never take your eyes off Israel. Note demonic Iran’s bad-mouthing Israel. Then watch how God works through both components to establish biblical prophecy—piece by piece.