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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet moderator Hans Deventer divulged on Dave McClung’s site that Deventer’s Nazarene District Superintendent had contacted him.

I had communicated with the Netherlands District Superintendent regarding Deventer’s heresies blatantly posted on the supposed “friend”-to-Nazarene web site.


These heresies included Deventer not believing in the Bible, holding that unsaved souls are annihilated at death, that souls go to an “intermediate state” upon death, and that there is no immediate entrance into heaven upon death for saved souls.

Further, Deventer was quite enthusiastic about the emergent church’s fuzzy teachings, mainly that one does not need “objective truths”—that is, moral absolutes—as long as one has sweet Jesus. Moral absolutes get in the way. Hugging Jesus is the all-in-all. Deventer stated: “I don’t believe the Bible. . .”

Deventer also aggressively pushed for a worldwide infant baptism acceptance throughout the Church of the Nazarene, though no infants are ever mentioned being baptized per the New Testament. Deventer expressed that he just could not understand why Nazarenes did not get the message that infant baptism was far more superior than infant dedication. Infant dedication is the traditional mode in that denomination.

Deventer definitely leaned in the ritualistic-liturgical “high church” direction of Anglican/Episcopalian when it came to worship style. He delighted in referring to “communion” as the “Eucharist,” the latter term not traditionally used in the denomination. “Communion” is the preferred term.

His theology was old-time liberalism cloaked in his own confused entanglement phrases. Deventer’s communication style was the more unclear the more posh, typical of emergent church proponents.

Deventer stated on NazNet that his boss had received ten emails in two days concerning Deventer’s various anti-Bible posts, none in keeping with the historic Church of the Nazarene.

The District Superintendent told me that he would speak to Deventer about matters. Apparently the boss followed through.

The Church of the Nazarene Board of General Superintendents, Nazarene Theological
Seminary and Nazarene Bible College administrations and faculties have also been informed of NazNet’s theological liberal positions, Deventer’s in particular.

The question then comes down to this: How does Dave McClung, founder/owner of the site, permit these gross theological distortions propagated especially by his two prime moderators—Hans Deventer and Scott Cundiff?

McClung is a wealthy businessman who has held prestigious positions on various denominational boards as well as being one-time President of Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA.

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Why then does he advertise his site as a “friend” to the Church of the Nazarene when he allows constant anti-Bible moderator positions expressed? Some individuals have reached the conclusion that McClung was in fact creating his own Internet church in competition with the Church of the Nazarene.

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