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Friday, October 30, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

We just returned home to the USA from being at our Nova Scotian home for awhile—a welcomed respite.

That was a delight to spend autumn’s center in the heart of Canada’s Maritimes.

What added to this was meeting new Christian friends. Just up our country road in Upper Kennetcook we came upon a believing family of ten! On our first Tuesday evening there we fellowshipped in their home.

Then for worship, we sat in their Milford sanctuary
where we were greeted most warmly.

A new village couple come upon enjoyed cake, ice cream and hot Canadian two-bag tea in our kitchen for an afternoon. We had a lot of family lineage detail to catch up on in that the woman in particular was knowledgeable to much that we had never known.

Yes, we socialized with friends every day for nearly two weeks—some in their living rooms and at other times they came to our home. All in all, it added up to be a rich time in exchange.

Sadly, the local Kennetcook United Church of Canada, like most of that denomination, continues its wandering in the spiritual wilderness. But we have been led of God to discover other venues for genuine biblical worship. In that, we are most grateful.

On one Wednesday evening we were privileged to stumble upon The Couriers in gospel concert! What a boon.

We had actually waited all afternoon for the 7 PM prayer meeting at a Truro church, only to discover no lights on in the sanctuary. Going to the parsonage door, the pastor said that the service had been cancelled that night.

Driving disappointedly away from there we headed toward town center, only to come upon lights very much on to the left of us. I pulled the van over to the curb, parked it and disembarked to bask in the country gospel music of the much-honored Couriers threesome. God knew we would find His surprise treasure for a mid-week believers’ gathering.

After just having endured the Eastern Nazarene College drama department’s antiChrisitan play at our homecoming reunion weekend, then posting on the Internet my disappointment at my alma mater’s praise for demonic gods in place of Jesus as God, the Lord scooped us up for a soul reprieve in Nova Scotia.

God knows how to provide a healthy rhythm for His workers. And so we took advantage of His offering.

Of course, we thanked heaven for our country home’s woodstove. And neighbor Shawn and mother Shelia keeping us in stock with a hefty wood supply.

I walked through the meadows, now overrun graciously with this season’s weeds. Various shades of beige in weed supply is an artist’s pleasure.

I took in the morning’s bird chatter. I missed the groundhog who must have discovered another homebase than next to our shed.

Thankfully, this visit had no pressing for building maintenance since the projects staring at us in the spring have been successfully wrapped up.

As we closed the door for the last tine in 2009, I thanked Jesus profusely for this lovely gift presented us by my mother-in-law when she entered His embrace in May 2003.

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