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Saturday, October 10, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

They’re ganging up on us. That’s the message.

They’re ganging up on us more and more.

The rational citizens of the planet have been attacked again by the irrational, liberal zealots out to flatten civilization.

Barack Hussein Obama has done nothing to further world peace. Instead, the charlatan represents Marxist Muslims intent on wiping out all that is good, starting with abolishing our Republic.

Obama is determined to destroy our healthcare system, economy and Christian heritage. He has surrounded himself with like destroyers.

When the Republic implodes, then those Islamics geared up for Islam World Rule will see to it that there is no peace anywhere, Obama having provided the playing field on the highest level.

Henceforth, the Nobel Peace Prize can never be
regarded with any respect from knowledgeable persons. This joke now laid upon the thinking world is obscene as well as dangerous. No wonder citizens of integrity are outraged beyond words.

As the Bible states, in the Latter Days right will be called wrong and wrong will be called right. This so-called honor put upon Obama is the work out of that kind of devilish twist and turn.

Obama does not define peace but is in fact leading the world toward Armageddon, the Muslims cheering him on at every juncture. He embodies the spirit of Antichrist in that he states himself a “Christian” while opposing Christian ethics.

He claims to be furthering democracy when in fact establishing godless socialism.

He undercuts pro-life endeavors, the latter moored in biblical morality.

He applauds sodomy.

He opposes Israel’s existence while befriending Islamic tenets.

He places atheism on the same level with Christian faith, admonishing America that those who witness to being anti-God have a legitimate leverage in crafting our societal milieu.

All of these positions fly in the face of the God of the Bible. Not one is in keeping with holy writ. Not one.

Those persons who stand alongside anti-God postulates further war, not peace.

Obama does not know the God of peace. He
never will know the God of peace until he discovers the Prince of Peace—Christ. He must confess this Christ as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the holy one embodied in flesh and bones.

One cannot exist in soul mid-way—between God and the demonic. Each spirit is in one camp or the other. Obama’s own repeated public testimonies regarding ethics and religion put him in the demonic camp. That is not a prejudicial statement; that is reality when studying scriptural morality in light of Obama’s political and religious convictions.

Consequently, this Nobel Peace Prize presentation all the more places Obama in the lie category—another outright lie for the furtherance of Islam World. It is another lie permitted by Allah who has declared that lying is virtuous when establishing global Muslim domination.

Liberals on the Nobel Peace Prize committee are of the same Antichrist spirit as Obama; therefore, they spur on this so-called distinction in league with the darker powers meant to shred our Christian base in America.

Peace? No way can it be found in Barack Hussein Obama. His mask is peace. His substance is global dictatorship via the dictates of the Koran, the very hellish heritage he was reared in as a child and young adult.