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Sunday, February 28, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sweety-pie emergent church hugs a smiley Jesus. That’s it. NazNet moderators Hans Deventer and Scott Cundiff along with former moderator chaplain Barbara Moulton agree. So obviously does NazNet founder/owner Dave McClung.

But there is no only-smiley-Jesus in the Bible. That is a figment of the adolescent imagination of theological liberalism.

However, one cannot actually have a Jesus unless He is the historical Jesus as recorded in holy writ. That is the Jesus one must deal with if one is going to say his life is committed to actual Jesus. A huggy, smiley, make-believe Jesus is legendary, to start with.

Therefore, to surrender one’s existence to the historical Jesus is to surrender to the God of the Bible—the whole Bible, Old Testament included. And that God is the perfect eternal balance of mercy and justice.

The emergent church NazNet only wants the mercy. They don’t want the justice part. This is particularly so in the posts typed by Deventer and Cundiff. They are sappy posts, yes. But they are sappy because they won’t own up to the just God of Scripture.

The just God of Scripture must be just if He is going to be merciful. A lopsided God is a deity one does not want to commit to.

In Scripture, God can be merciful. God can also be angry. The angry parts include Noah’s day flood. Scores of mortals drowned because an angry God doomed them to their punishment. They had rejected His call to holiness, living in sin purposefully; therefore God wiped them off the planet.


So that is the God of the Bible. That same God appeared in Jesus, dying murderously on the cross in our place as our substitute sacrifice. Jesus took our sins upon Himself, washing them away via His blood when we repent of our wrongdoing.

There are countless other examples of divine mercy and anger throughout the Bible, of course. But the point is that if one is going to believe in the God of mercy, one must also hold to the God of justice.

What is interesting today is that these emergent church NazNet disciples of the huggy Jesus don’t seem to get that God is angry right now. It is part fulfillment of biblical prophecy. For instance, the Jesus of Scripture predicted that in End Times there would be an increase of earthquakes and pestilence.

Sin would increase. People would turn against one another, even within families. True believers would be martyred. And so forth.

All of this happens present-tense. The earthquake part in particular is evidence of God’s anger at the tolerated disobedience throughout the world. One does not have to tally those sins for the moralists already are quite sensitive to the list.

But the point is this: God is angry now. But right now is the time frame that emergent church willy-nillys are declaring a deity who only hugs and kisses, snuggles and cuddles. Their deity does not get angry, will not tolerate Noah’s day
flood, and surely will not permit an eternal hell.

These are surely intriguing times to live in. While biblical prophecy is unfolding before our newsfeeds’ eyes, a lame brain segment of religionists proclaim that their god is lovey-
dovey sweetcakes.