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Saturday, March 21, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Fifty nations oppose decriminalizing homosexual activity.

That’s why they voted against the UN declaration calling for a global decriminalization of homosexual practice, per AP.

However, B. H. Obama signed on to the UN blessing homosexual alliances.

Fifty nations are attempting to hold back the increase of AIDS while America ups the disease and death spread.

Homosexual license does not only disobey God’s moral base. It also spreads aggressively the horrific disease.

Now in Washington DC there is a 3% population carrying AIDS. That’s not good.

Will anyone in DC declare that unbridled homosexual activity jams that statistic upward? No. All is quiet on the DC front, except for those applauding more homosexual activity throughout the metro.

God wants people healthy. He wants families healthy. He does not want illness. The Fall via our First Parents’ sin brought about illness and death. God did not originally create mortal to suffer sickness and dying.

Therefore, God is on the side of wellness when He states that homosexual activity is abhorrent. He is on our happy side.

Yet B. H. Obama and like ilk praise freedom of choice for homosexual activity as a commendable move, a democratic right and that which should be encouraged globally.

Thank God for the 50 nations that do not agree with such evil as the President of the United States espouses. Many of these countries are wrestling with untold AIDS cases and in fact are imploding because of the disease.

Consequently, the example of the American President does nothing to assist these disease-ridden countries. B. H. Hussein who proclaims “hope” is in fact declaring unbelievable despair increased via his pro-homosexual allegiance.

“U.S. President Barack Obama will endorse a UN declaration calling for a worldwide decriminalization of homosexuals, according to the Associated Press.

“The French-sponsored UN General Assembly declaration would ban countries from making homosexuality illegal.

“Former President Bush refused to sign the declaration when he was in office, making the U.S. the only western country to not sign it.

“More than 50 nations opposed the declaration,” per