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Thursday, March 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Nancy Pelosi applauds illegals. Those calling them “illegals” and trying to get legality as a baseline to those breathing free air don’t fit Pelosi’s definition of “nice American.”

B. H. Obama applauds US signing on to UN’s homosexual rights platform. Obama, Marxist Muslim, obviously has no regard for God’s Word concerning homosexuality.

ACORN signs on with B. H. Obama’s regime for assisting with the 2010 census. Evidently ACORN has redeemed its scurrilous past.

When I read these three headlines alone this morning I could not help but thank God for the fact that this nation is more than DC.

This country continues to continue because it has a foundation of efficient citizens who get out of bed, brush their teeth and drive off to work. If they have been laid off, they don’t burn down the neighborhood.

These citizens clog the roads leading to offices and factories but they don’t torch their town halls.

The Americans who pay their bills, keep within driving limits and try to teach their children how to behave are the heroes of present-tense sanity.

There are countries where women are raped as a matter of lust course, children are left parentless, and whole villages are scorched to the ground.

There are places where it’s not safe to be called “female.” It’s not safe to speak your mind. It’s not wise to be called “Christian.”

Yes, we are still here as America. We still have interstates and forests and canyons and gasoline. We still have Fox News. We still have DVDs for brain relief on occasion.

We have Bill Gaither and the Gospel Channel. We have some Hallmark movies that are suitable. We have community concerts in village gazebos.

We have lakes and beaches and coastal beauties such as are mere miles from my Maine cottage.

We have the Bible, prayer and worship. We have a Christian history. We have God upon His throne. We have faith in Christ the Savior.

DC may have abdicated most of these gifts; but there are hosts of commendable, reasonable citizens who still enjoy the goodness God offers every dawn.

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