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Thursday, March 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

If you take a cab in South Korea, your driver may present the salvation message while you are riding along.

That’s part of the taxi drivers’ missionary conclave out to gospel their nation. Consider this good news in bad times.

Per Heather Sells of CBN News, one example of gospel tell is the following:

“When Hyun-sook Han of Busan, South Korea, caught a taxi home from grocery shopping last year, she had no idea just how far that decision would take her.

“Her driver was a Christian who shared the gospel with her and invited her to church. Moon-ja Kang, the private taxi missionary who made the invite, said she was happy Han accepted.

“’And I prayed, “God, guide her to the church,”’ Kang said. Because of that taxi ride, Han accepted Christ into her life. And it was no accident that it was her taxi driver that brought Han to Christ.”

There are over 450 born again taxi drivers who witness through Missionary Taxi Club in Busan. When a person enters the taxi, the driver prays for divine direction as well as has playing Christian radio for the rider to hear.

If the Lord directs for an open testimony regarding salvation, it’s given. The rest is up to the Holy Spirit.

“’From the morning till evening, we spread the gospel on the road,’ said the group's president, Myeong-Woong Ban. ‘If you turn in the list of people to the Missionary office, we'll pray for them, embrace them in our heart, and have them connected to a close church so they could get to know Jesus.’”

Secular media does not report this. However, conservative newsfeeds are making this detail possible.

It is cause for believers everywhere to thank God for His faithfulness. It is also cause for further intercessory prayer to be offered for these drivers and those who ride in their cabs.

“’I consider serving God as my primary job, and the rest of what I do in this world, secondary,’ explained driver Gil-hong Jin. ‘One lost soul means more than life to God, and to fulfill His will, until I get to His Kingdom, my heart will always be fixed on the same purpose.’”