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Friday, March 20, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The now head of the Department of Treasury kept back tax moneys owed to you and me. But that did not keep B. H. Obama from putting him in charge of your dough.

Crooked? You bet. But fact, sadly.

Now this same Timmy the Tiller has stated to media that he takes “full responsibility” for the not-able-to-fix-the-AIG-bailout mess.

Nevertheless, Tim Geithner will stay put. Obama would lose too much face to fire him, per Dick Morris of NewsMax.

However, Geithner, morally and logically speaking, should be canned—yesterday.

In addition, CT Dem Chris Dodd double-tongued us on this whole issue. He “altered language in the Trouble Assets Relief Program legislation,” per NewsMax’s David A. Patten.

However, to complicate the brew a bit more, if that is possible—but all things are possible in politics—Dodd did that at the suggestion of Timmy the Tiller per Timmy’s own statement to CNN.

Now get this: “Changes Dodd made at the behest of Geithner’s department may legally compromise efforts to recover the bonus money, legal experts say.”

Time for a riot, America. Time for a riot. Clog the boulevards. Wave the banners. Yell to high heaven. Get out there and let ‘em know who’s boss.

“Dodd initially was a voice of outrage protesting the bonuses handed out by AIG at taxpayers’ expense.”

Now watch this slight-of-hand: “He changed his story, however, after Newsmax and other media outlets reported he had inserted key language -- known as the Dodd amendment -- into the $787 billion stimulus bill. The modification allowed payment of bonuses contracted for prior to Feb. 11, 2009.”

Now swallow hard on this one: “That very amendment, which is now law, is expected to be the primary legal hurdle for government officials who want to recover the AIG bonuses.”

What a web we weave when scheming to deceive. Thank God America is more than DC.

“Initially Dodd insisted he had nothing to do with the new provision. He later said that he had inserted the key language because the administration asked him to.”

Ah, Tough Guy Dodd pushed around by the despotic reign from the Oval Office, Timmy all the while down the hall waiting for the next Obama signal.

“’The administration had expressed reservations,’ Dodd told CNN on Wednesday. ‘They asked for modifications. The alternative was losing the amendment entirely.’

“The Dodd amendment was intended to restrict executive pay for bailed-out banks. The exception requested by the Treasury Department granted an exception for ‘contractually obligated bonuses agreed on or before Feb. 11, 2009.’”

The plot thickens.

Geithner “confirmed that the request for Dodd to change his amendment came from his department.”

We’re ruled by crooks. Time for riot, America. Time for riot.

By the way, if Dems and Obama push through the Fairness Doctrine, all this reality revelation via the conservative newsfeeds would be blanked out and you would be left groping in the underground caverns. Something like the old Russian gulags. Got it?

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