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Thursday, March 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Why are Americans still sitting on their hands while DC rots our nation?

Where are the boulevards clogged with clamoring citizens demanding justice and reason?

It’s time for Americans to go to the streets. What has happened to our conscience? Have we lost the nerve?

DC demented power rolls over us with spikes and we permit it. We go on each day, moaning and complaining.

When will we wise up to hit the avenues, bang the pots and pans and let Obama and Congress know that we are not going to tolerate the ruination of our Republic?

We are Americans. Americans don’t bow and scrape before crooks in DC. Yet that’s what is happening right now. Time is of the essence.

Our valiant history supports more than what is taking place today. Our unrivaled history is aggressive, courageous and admirable. It is a mighty history.

Yet today weakness blankets our houses and offices. How long will we just lie down, asking the liars in Washington to destroy everything we believe in? Everything a democracy represents?

It’s time to riot. It’s time for a revolution.

Every blogger should write truth and conviction. Every blogger should call on fellow citizens to topple the present untoward, unpatriotic socialists.

Every conservative American who knows how to write a letter to the newspaper should write it. Then call the talk shows. Then hit the streets.

Whip the ill-equipped Congress brats to rap them with what’s what. Let them know that you are not tolerating their devilment another minute.

Watch this to jet off your buff. Riot!