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Thursday, March 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

That’s right.

“American Idol” sports a lot of singers who have church ties. In fact, over half of the 11 finalists appear in worship regularly, per AP.

That’s something quite encouraging in a time of crying the blues. And anything we can find that reveals the work of the Holy Spirit in rough going is something to trumpet about.

Therefore, let’s hear it for “American Idol” Christian performers who hopefully will continue to live for Jesus while refining their abilities, depending on Him for their future niches.

“After ‘American Idol’ finalist Kris Allen first stepped onto the stage of the Fox singing competition, the 23-year-old college student told his pastor that the stage lights and eager audience reminded him of being in church” per AP.

Further, it is evident that further praise lifted heavenward is in order for the age frames these finalists represent. Not all is lost, people. Not all is lost when American youth live for Jesus while expressing such talent for the nation to take in.

Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. I think these finalists are one of the divine wonders present-tense.

“Two weeks into the finals, religion is playing a big role on the popular show. More than half of the remaining 11 finalists have regularly performed at places of worship.

“Three of those six contestants -- Allen, Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver -- have worked as worship leaders in their respective churches.

“Scott MacIntyre, Matt Giraud and Lil Rounds also have strong church connections.”