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Thursday, March 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Throwing condoms all over Africa won’t stop AIDS.

Throwing condoms around the planet won’t stop AIDS.

Isn’t it silly to think that condoms tossed right and left will rid the world of AIDS? Just another evidence of world-think gone berserk.

Pope Benedict said to media on his African tour that the continent needs Christ. It needs the gospel. It needs God’s light to shine in soul darkness.

The Pope rejected the cry that condom campaigns will stave off AIDS increase. Liberals hate that kind of talk. They despise anyone championing biblical morality.

All the more proof that that is the right answer. The more the AIDS demons scream for attention and acceptance, the more the gospel message riles them to the lowest nerve.

Therefore, in these difficult times, biblical moral bases must be recited repeatedly far and wide, never compromising the specific thrust of God’s Word.

Though worldlings celebrate unbridled sex on TV sitcoms, movies, magazines and whatevers, such only increases disease and death.

The same with B. H. Obama endorsing sodomy. He wails over AIDS increase while at the same time blessing homosexual alliances that spread the mortals’ last hour.

Moralists know this quagmire all too much. We deal with it every day. It’s an old fight.

Per AP: “The pope told reporters that distributing condoms to fight AIDS actually ‘increases the problem.’

“He said a responsible and moral attitude toward sex would be more effective. Benedict said, ‘The saving message of the Gospel needs to be proclaimed loud and clear so that the light of Christ can shine into the
darkness of people's lives.’”

Get it? It’s the “saving message of the Gospel” that will overcome evil. It redeems the soul. It implants hope. It provides a right living style. It prepares the spirit for heaven. It pushes back devils that would damn.

“. . .the light of Christ. . .”

It is that light that can bring about a personal
conversion experience. In the ministry for half a century, I have been privileged to witness these conversions over and over again, some of them dealing with most difficult, twisted lives.

The light of Christ is that power that can cancel sin when the truly repentant confesses all to the Savior, vows to serve this Christ till death, and then marches forth empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

“On a continent largely ruled by dictators, the pope declared that ‘a Christian can never remain silent’ in the face of violence, poverty, hunger, corruption or abuse of power.”