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Saturday, March 21, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sean Hannity’s interview with Phil Donahue brought out the latter’s disgust with Jesus.

It’s bald conviction. It’s in-your-face anti-Jesus.

Hannity was asking Donahue what he thought of B. H. Obama, to which Donahue said that he adores Obama, cannot get enough of his lovely children, thinks the Obama family is a gift to the nation and so forth.

In other words, Donahue does take Obama as a kind of messianic leader for the United States. There is no doubt about that.

Then it came to Donahue referring to the inauguration. That’s when Dnoahue let loose on his anti-Jesus, his disdain for the Son of God, his outrage that Obama would invite a pastor to pray who would include the name “Jesus”
in his petition.

There is no doubt that Donahue has gone way over the line in his apostasy. He is one of the arch-examples of those who simply turn green when Jesus or anything related to Jesus is brought up in this Republic.

With that Donahue represents those destroying the nation. He’s the secularization example. He’s the Obama league member who will do everything he can to wipe out the Christian heritage.

Donahue has without doubt been swept up in the mob hysteria that drove the Marxist Muslim into the White House.

However, Christians must keep in mind that the Bible informs believers that the Holy Spirit within them is greater than the unholy spirits in such personages as Donahue.

Donahue and his ilk will pay severely for their madness against Jesus, against Scripture and against God’s moral base. Christians know that. They know that there is a judgment day for all of us, including the likes of Donahue. And for the likes of Donahue, that day will be horrific for it will spell their everlasting.

Here is part of the interview:

“DONAHUE: Oh I did. Yes. I think this was a moment. And what a gorgeous family. I mean I can't take my eyes off these children. His smile may save us all. I mean the guy is a very compelling political figure.

“I wish he hadn't invited Rick Warren to call Jesus down for his blessing on the inauguration.”

I often ask myself, “What has Jesus done to bring such outrage from mortals? What did He say? What did He perform? How was His life so mean that he spikes the spewing forth from individuals like Donahue?”

Jesus did good. He saved souls. He lifted the dead from their graves. He fed the hungry. He offered hope to the discouraged. He promised eternal life to those who followed Him.

What is so awful about Jesus that the Donahues of the world want to squash Him into the dirt?

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