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Friday, February 26, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Ahmedinejad accused the U.S. of attempting to sever Iran-Syria ties in order to ‘dominate the region,’ and said American diplomats should ‘pack their things and leave.’”

Why would America trust Syrian President Bashar Assad?

Hillary Clinton asked him to distance himself from terrorist regimes, hoping Syria would become more peace-focused toward all nations.

Just after that request from the U.S. Secretary of State, Assad had Hisbullah head Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian thug head Mahmoud Ahmadinajad for dinner.

“The trio of terror-supporting leaders denounced Israel and America and discussed ways to aid ‘resistance groups’” per Arutz Sheva’s Maayana Miskin.

On Wednesday Clinton made her peace offer. The next day the murdering-threesome sat around the evening table eating their victuals.

So it is that Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, U.S. President states he will appoint an American ambassador to Syria.

“President Obama has decided to send a U.S. ambassador back to Syria, a dramatic sign of reconciliation between the two countries, senior administration officials tell CNN” per CNN’s Elise Labott.

“’It's in our interests to have an ambassador in Syria,’ a senior administration official told CNN Tuesday night. ‘We have been having more and more discussions, and we need to have someone there to engage.’”

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And so the beat goes on.