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Saturday, February 27, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama lifted atheists on the same level as Christians in his inaugural address. No other President of the United States has done that or would have thought of doing that.

However, Obama works hard at eliminating America’s Christian heritage; therefore, to put atheists on the same par with Christians is right in line with his agenda.

Now Obama has invited atheists to the White House for a conference. That puts them right there where they want to be. Can an American patriot truly imagine such a move?

India has its religions, particularly Hindu and Muslim. Egypt has its religion, chiefly Muslim. And America has its Christian heritage. Let’s keep it that way. To eliminate that heritage is anathema. It is illogical. Further, it is against the God of the Bible.

However, since the God of the Bible knows truly where Obama’s birth certificate is and to whom Obama gives allegiance as deity, perhaps God will have mercy with the rest of the American public. At least the righteous remnant petitions that God to do something to rescue the nation from Obama’s beheading the country.


“The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.” So states the Bible.

Biblical believers are counting on that in a very significant way. And their faith will go rewarded. God is not impressed with the large and many. God is taken up with the small and few, per biblical data repeated over and over.

Christ Himself stated in the Sermon on the Mount that few are on the road to heaven. Many are on the way to hell. Those who don’t like blunt language can deal with that one in the biblical section often thought of by theological liberals as sweet and poetic.

Therefore, when Obama calls for an atheist conclave in his own house on Pennsylvania Avenue, God will take note.

Christians will continue to intercede on behalf of the nation’s Christian heritage. And in due course, atheists will go the way of the forgotten.

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