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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Chris Wallace related to Fox News that Barack Hussein Obama appeared especially poised and optimistic at the White House luncheon for a dozen or so newscasters. This was the day of the State of the Union speech.

Fox several times pressed Wallace on Obama’s demeanor. Wallace’s response was always the same. Obama was not confused, angered or depressed. Instead, he was upbeat and anxious to present the address.

With that, I thought: Now that is the way a cultist thinks and acts—confident, unmoved by facts, and ready to charge ahead.

Wallace said that he expects no apology or anything like unto that from Obama. Obama will not recant or restart anything. Obama believes he is thoroughly in the know and totally on course. Most of America disagrees; however, that does not influence Obama.

Though Obama claims to be Protestant, he has himself stated his “Muslim faith.”

By now knowledgeable citizens around the world realize that a Muslim, not a Protestant, sits in the Oval Office. His United Church of Christ membership is a mask.

Obama and family have been Muslim minded at least throughout their twenty years under Muslim-aligned Jeremiah Wright’s brainwashing cult factory called a “church.”

Obama was a Muslim brother to Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, particularly when they planned the Muslim Million Man March on Washington DC in 1995.

Prior to attending the rant and rave at Wright’s conclave, Obama had so many Muslim influences molding his personality that it is not at all surprising that he is a devotee of Islam.

Islam is not a religion among world religions. It has nothing like it on the planet. It is a killing cult with a bloody ‘holy writ’ for its scriptures. Its deity is a slaughtering Allah. And its zealous members are out to establish Islam World Rule. That bottom line equals only Muslims alive on this globe.

To deny that is to deny reality. To whitewash that is to give the enemy front row seats in ridding the Earth of infidels.

Now that Obama is committed to a killing cult, one can realize all the more how he is elated over whatever he does. Cult members work that way. They have come upon their definition of truth. It is locked in their head and heart. Nothing then can persuade them to take a U-turn on their ideology.

Conservative newscasters know all this but they won’t say “Muslim” or “Islamic” relating to Obama. However, they will speak of him as an “ideologue.” That is code language for
“Muslim” and “Islamic.” So they get the truth message. However, in their own political correctness they cannot say the “M” or “I” words.

Nevertheless, for the rest of us into reality, we need to understand the make-up of the cultic mind. It is in cement. It is energetic and surrendered to the power of the cult.

Take any cult you have read about or experienced in any way and you will endorse that statement.

Therefore, that is who we have in the White House—a cultic member living out the cultic mindset. No wonder Obama is enthusiastic about a SOTU speech that runs directly counter to the non-cultic American mind.

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