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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The Scott Brown family attends worship at the New England Chapel, 40 Kenwood Circle, Franklin, MA. Chris Mitchell is the Senior Pastor, a graduate of the evangelically renowned Gordon-Conwell Seminary, where Billy Graham once chaired the board.

The local congregation is a part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

This is what that congregation’s members believe per their website at :

We believe that Scripture is the ultimate guide and authority for our faith and life. All of our values and ministries are guided by the Bible.

We believe that prayer is the best way to express our love and gratitude to God as well as our dependence on Him as our Heavenly Father. Our ministries are discovered, developed, and empowered through prayer.

Jesus said that the two greatest commandments were to love God and to love people wholeheartedly. Rather than pretending we have it all together, we strive to live out our love for God and each other honestly, with authenticity.

God's Great Commission to His church is to bless the world by bringing Jesus to people, no matter where they are on their spiritual journeys. All of our ministries are guided by this purpose.

People cannot embrace something they do not understand. Our ministries aim to communicate God's love and truth in clear, practical, and creative ways that speak to us in meaningful and understandable ways.

Everyone needs to care and be cared for in order to grow in the love of Christ. Through intentional friendships and small groups, we seek to build relationships of love, honesty, and unconditional support.

Everyone plays an equally important part in the community, and each person is shaped to play a role on the team. We provide support and guidance in discovering and developing the gifts of each person.

The church’s website relates the congregation’s journey:

“About 10 years ago, a core group of people set out to have a different kind of church for people in today’s culture, showing God’s love in ways they could relate to. The group met in homes, then in Franklin school auditoriums, and in 2001 finally moved to 40 Kenwood Circle, our first permanent home. Since that time, we’ve more than doubled in size and just keep growing.

“NEC is a place to feel accepted, even if you have questions and doubts. It is a place to meet people without hidden agendas. It is a place where the music and the messages speak to your real life. It is a place to belong, share, and serve the community. It is a place to find God in your own time, at your own pace—all without pressure and judgment, but with hope and patience.”

Scott Brown, one many refer to as a “Bible Christian,” reaches out to those of other denominational communities, including Roman Catholic. Read about it here:

For information concerning his local church, phone 508.541.9078.