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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It’s Thursday night that US Senator Scott Brown appears on NBC’s soon-to-be-zipped Jay Leno Show.

Good. The charismatic, intelligent, handsome new Republican find then will be shown throughout the world via follow-up You-Tube showings.

Republicans salivated for a commendable leader who counts. Brown, Mr. Forty-first, could be it.

Among his magnetic qualities is his charm. What makes Brown charm significantly different from the Obama fraud is that Brown is genuine.

When I lived in Walpole, MA, I had surgery at a nearby hospital. In the same room was a monk who worked on a contemplative silence convent farm in Wrentham. We—I a Protestant and he obviously a Catholic—enjoyed a most friendly rapport.

From that meeting, my wife and I visited the farm—Cistercian Catholic nuns’ Mount Saint Mary's Abbey, Wrentham. We met some of the nuns in their bread lazy-Susan store.

We rang the bell. We then heard a nun’s voice asking what we would like to purchase. We told her what breads. The lazy-Susan apparatus spun around where we placed the cash and then with another turn received the bread. The Abbey accents its nun-made candies; however, bread is also available.

Now years have passed and we have moved to another state. Yet the Abbey and Wrentham hold a special place in our hearts.

Today I read that Scott Brown befriended the nuns when they were in a tight financial squeeze. As a Protestant, Brown raised funds for the nuns. In return, they vowed to pray for Brown three times each day.

Read “Scott Brown, a Protestant, Holds Special Relationship With Local Cistercian Nuns” at

“It has turned into a beautiful friendship,” said Sister Katie McNamara, the monastery’s nurse.

“When you have nuns praying for you three times a day and you’re not Catholic, anything that anybody can do or say about me, it’s Teflon,” Brown said. “It bounces right off.”

I believe that when Brown takes America from coast to coast, that sincere charm plus intelligence will grab hold for the rescue of our Republic.