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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Can honest people ever trust an addictive lying President, particularly with a State of the Union U-turn address?


Barack Hussein Obama is given to lying as a bottom line to his creed. It is part of his spiritual commitment as a Muslim. The Koran’s Allah informs devotees that lying is a virtue when it furthers Islam.

Obama has been a most devout Muslim while masking as a Protestant. That in itself is his religious affiliation lie.

Honest news reports have listed ad infinitum Obama’s lies, starting with his birth certificate whereabouts. Informed citizens can enumerate the long list themselves.

Obama has surrounded himself with a lying shadow government replete with czars. The whole White House is given to lying by keeping in step with the ‘anointed one.’

Therefore, who is gullible enough to believe Obama’s promises set forth in his State of the Union address? It cannot be done. His personality is wedded to lying. His speech writers are given to lying.

When listening to his SOTU speech, honest citizens will be side-listening. To the lie side they will hear what Obama is stating. To the honest side they will hear what their truthful heads are saying he’s saying.

Any honest listener will not absorb Obama’s sentences as believable for nothing he has stated since inauguration day has been believable.

We have been conned for a year-plus. Why should we be stupid enough to conclude that we are not going to be conned for three more years?

Further, Christians are taught in the Bible to pray for the gift of discernment. Therefore, when biblical believers listen to Obama, they will be praying to the Holy Spirit for discernment.

The gift of discernment is provided Christians for them to decipher between truth and fraud. This gift yields a leading of the Holy Spirit regarding any life situation—verbal and non-verbal. The Holy Spirit, in other words, puts up
the truth mirror to reveal to the Christian what is genuine and what is fake.

Consequently, when Christians hear the SOTU speech, they will constantly be beseeching the Holy Spirit’s interpretation. If those believers are honest disciples, they will receive the Holy Spirit’s message alongside Muslim Obama’s lies.

Wednesday evening’s address should prove quite revealing as a liar steps to the podium to con America one more time.

Moreover, it will be one thing to hear him say whatever he has to say and another thing to watch him in the months ahead as he slices through his promises, cancels out his positions, and proceeds with his dictatorial policies to behead the nation.