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Saturday, January 23, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Republicans have been searching for a charismatic, intelligent, attractive personage as leader.

Where has she been?

Some say it is Sarah Palin. And it could very well be. She is charismatic, intelligent, and attractive. She is moving across the scene with calculated speed—Fox News Correspondent, for instance.

Palin certainly has been vetted, more than many others seeking one position or another.

However, there now is on the scene Scott Brown. He too is charismatic, intelligent and handsome. His Massachusetts Tuesday win has catapulted him to daily headlines status, surely celebrity billing in many ways.

When it comes to ticking off his conservative positions, he can do it in a flash—and impressively substantively.

When it comes to convictions that line up with middle class moralists, he appears to be one of them. One question involves pro-lifers. He, living in liberal environs, has not got on-board.

Nevertheless, conservatives endorsed Brown against Martha Coakley for she fell off the left margin.

Can Brown move into pro-life venue once he gets out of Massachusetts’ liberalism? Maybe.

Brown voted for the Massachusetts Marriage Amendment in 2007.

Brown is a survivalist. When a child, his parents divorced. He was reared by various relatives. His life was not all that stable, opening various situations for “getting into trouble.”

But then he was a survivalist and ended up with a law degree, commendable status among fellow politicians, and now Massachusetts Republican Senator.

Barack Hussein Obama was swooned into the White House by mob hysteriacs who had no idea that he was a Marxist Muslim. He lied. He said he was for America, was a Protestant. Both lies.

Now the world knows fact. Obama is the chief enemy to the Republic. He has lost his charm, even with many initial enthusiasts.

In other words, leaving the detail to you informed citizens, Obama’s house is crumbling after only one year. Many of his own house dwellers are scared because the master of the manor has not managed well at all.

The vacuum. Who then will come to the fore to fill in the void?

Perhaps Sarah Palin.

But also perhaps Scott Brown.

It could be that Republicans have found their charismatic, intelligent, handsome leader. He’s fresh. He’s fun. He’s committed. He’s proven himself a winner. American voters--young and old--like that.

Remember Obama’s “I won”?

It just might be that that echo will come from Scott Brown in America’s future.