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Saturday, March 21, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“The Rev. Mirta Signorelli said: ‘I can’t do chaplain’s work if I can’t say “God” — if I’m scripted.’”

There you have it.

This chaplain was told by the head of Hospice by the Sea, Boca Raton, that she cannot use the word “God” when delivering devotionals to staff. Can you imagine that?

Then what are devotions for? Inspirational messages and devotional messages from a Christian chaplain would assume that the word “God” is appropriate. Plus more.

Not so where Hospice CEO Paula Alderson is in charge. Now the CEO is trying to dance around the problem she created by saying this and that to make it appear as if the chaplain is out of bounds in her reasoning, per South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Ever been there? Ever had to deal with that?

Then you know what’s going on now that it’s out in the media. In other words, the hospice center is getting a bad image. The CEO is appearing stupid and prejudicial against God, Christ, the Bible and any other term you want to associate with the Christian faith.

Sure there are people on staff who don’t believe in anything. So what?

If they deem to work there where a Christian chaplain is working, then let them keep quiet and show courtesy toward a chaplain who is bringing inspirational messages in staff meetings.

After all, people in the center are dying. They need God. They need salvation. They need hope. They need prayer in Jesus’ name. And that chaplain is willing to offer all those gifts.

Further, the staff needs all those gifts, particularly those who don’t believe in anything.

But the CEO obviously does not reason that way.

Ever been there? Ever had to deal with people like that? Then you know what’s going on.

Read “Chaplain at Hospice by the Sea in Boca Raton resigns over ban on word ‘God’” at,0,2775865,print.story