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Thursday, February 25, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama has failed. For over a year he’s done nothing but confuse America and ruin what we had going right.

Therefore, when Obama rams Obamangst not-healthcare, it’s all about his ego. He’s totally politically opportunistic with that issue, per usual.

What needs to be done is cut Obama off at the political knees by forcing him to burn that paper stack no one thoroughly understands, then start all over.

Obama has done so miserably that his dictatorial nature is bound to force his bill even if it implodes this democracy. Obama not losing face is his all-in-all.

America’s grassroots must stage the revolution of forcing a fresh start to legitimate, reasonable health care. Nothing else is acceptable.

To force such health care detail into a supposed “summit” is so infantile as well as horrifically dangerous that it brings the shudders to millions of intelligent patriots.

What other complicated issue could be reasoned out properly in such a tense time frame—with the back drop of arrogance of Dem power? All of a sudden, Obama seems to get the message that his despotism is in big time trouble, causing countless Dems to be scrapped at election time. All of a sudden, Obama then pushes emergency
surgery on his bill.

If this whole babyfied scene were not so destructive, it would be the sickest joke of the century.

Here is another thought: Could it be that Marxist Muslim Obama has staged this whole nightmare for the furtherance of Islam World Rule? It just could be that is the prime motive driving the Chief Enemy seated in the Oval Office.

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