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Thursday, February 25, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Emergent mess-up guru Brian McLaren says that “objective truth” is to be discarded for a Jesus all-in-all love fest.

Does McLaren think this kiss up to Jesus is pleasing to Jesus?

McLaren stands on extremely dangerous ground when he makes Jesus is to be the Nice Guy Max so that Jesus’ own divine revelation can be canned. In other words, someone needs to warn McLaren that there’s a hell.

To make this whole diabolical scheme worse, a holiness denomination is in danger of imploding via NazNet, a web site founded by a political opportunist named Dave McClung.

NazNet, unofficial “friend” to the holiness Church of the Nazarene, endorses via moderators Hans Deventer and Scott Cundiff in particular the sidelining of Scripture. Deventer states outright that he does not believe the Bible. What then is important to Deventer? Jesus only.

Does Deventer do Jesus a kindness with that devil’s doctrinal blasphemy? Obviously not.

Cundiff goes so far as to state on NazNet that the more he reads the Bible, the less God comes into focus. God fades out the more biblical research is engaged. In other words, invite dust to cloak the Scriptures while God goes fish.

Both Deventer and Cundiff disparage Scripture to such a hellish degree. And all the while McClung baptizes these moderators as legitimate.

From what I read in the Bible, McLaren and clique sidelined, Jesus does not like that kind of religiosity. In fact, Jesus considers it hypocrisy.

Jesus is, frankly, angry this moment because of the McLaren crowd, including Deventer, Cundiff and McClung.

Judgment Day is coming down on this wayward crew. They will burn and burn some more forever, though none of them admit even the existence of an eternal hell. Deventer dismisses hell completely, unabashedly. The others do so by companionship with the heretics.

There is no Sweet Jesus apart from Scripture. There is no Nice Guy Jesus apart from divine revelation.

And for McLaren, who claims all religions are under the Jesus umbrella if one wants them to be, Jesus is not in agreement with that “exegesis.” It was Jesus who stated no one goes to God the Father but by Jesus, that HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Holding to Jesus is an exclusive cling, not a swing-and-sway your way with Jesus and Buddha and Confucius.