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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

At the top of the matter, let’s not think that any US government aid to Haiti will ever reach the poor. We all feel for the agonizing Haitian poor if we have any conscience; but that said, don’t think that any US government aid will reach the poor.

Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, late in responding to the Fort Hood massacre, inefficient in his support for US troops in Afghanistan, and tagging pants bomber as an “isolated extremist,” came through quickly to the Haitian earthquake tragedy.

He meets at 7:30 a.m. on Haiti. He meets at 9:30 or 10:00 to discuss national security.

True, Haiti needs all the aid anyone anywhere can give. Of course. And particularly Christian heritage American grassroots will rise to the occasion as in the past with other disasters around the globe, even in these economically stressed times.

So, recognize that humanitarian compassion in practice is high on the grassroots agenda.

With that follows this question: With Obama promising lots of money to Haiti, where is it going to come from? Where oh where? Is Obama simply going to print more money? No doubt. He’s out to behead the country.

Sincerely compassionate people have the noblest motives when they respond to hurting Haitians. But even then the US government wallet is only so deep.

Obama has just asked for $708 billion for two wars. Count the pennies on that one and wonder. It might turn out that the US will need aid more than Haiti. Really.

I support private citizens and corporations and such giving to Haiti, but not the US government shelling out. There are scores of individuals and good-heart agencies willing to help.

By the way, don’t send contributions for Haitian relief to the US government as Obama has asked. One cannot trust the cheat in the White House, surely not as a charity outfit. It is Obama out to tax charities. Remember?

Further, Obama responds so promptly to a predominantly black people’s tragedy. When it came to whites laid low at Fort Hood, why was the Obama delay so pronounced?

Now that opens the door for being labeled racist. I am not. I am simply pointing out the obvious. To not mention it is to be irrational.

Moreover, wait not too long for Robin Hood Obama to open US doors to Haitian aliens for their Dem votes will count healthily.

This question also comes to mind: when the US government gives to another government such as Haiti, do dollars go into fat cats’ pockets? Naturally. Haiti has an open greedy officialdom history.

Previous governments there stashed rotting US dollars under the presidential palace. So what’s with the grassroots poor not coming upon US handouts?

Think on this: media reports that the Presidential Palace was leveled by the quake. Why does a mere mortal live in a Palace while God-created peasants live on $2 a day? One can be sure that the first building to be restored will be the Presidential Palace.

It is so sad that Haitians for years have had to endure money-grabbing Papa Docs jamming their thumbs in the backs of the poor. And yet with a quake staring us in the face, the US is to trust another round with these thieves?

Lastly, what ever happened to the $50 billion Clinton handed over to Haitian officials?

Oh, but permit this post script: Surely Yemen hospital ships are on their way to Haiti as well as real-life real-time aid from Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran.

And where is the UN coordination of massive aid to Haiti?