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Thursday, January 14, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama has quickly come to the fore regarding the tragic Haitian situation.

However, in proposing extremely large funds to Haiti could Obama stretch the already stretched American dollar to its ripping point?

Further, in rushing to bring together a shredded society that has no governing base, could Obama become the stepfather to a deeply troubled Haitian public?

If that is so, Obama has over his head one project too much. It cannot work.

Obama already is in over his head concerning his own country. He has not brought hope and change as he promised. He has been discovered as the inept individual many knew him to be before he walked into the White House.

By now, countless Americans can recite the litany of failures catalogued in stacks standing alongside a failure President.

Then to take on a torn country would be something out of reach for a mere mortal. Obama may think that Haitian aliens someday in America would add up to be a Dem vote increase; but that cannot happen until they come upon immediate survival basics.

They have no governing head, no governing buildings, no societal structure with the fundamentals for a culture to build upon. Food, water, medicine, shelter—gone in a few moments of time.

Of course, Haiti is reaching out to America. Many Americans are reaching back to help. But Obama, being President of America, symbolizes that one individual Haitians may appeal to for the impossible.

Day upon day will spell such grief and loss, that who in the world will be able to step in to provide? Not Obama.

That in itself could bring such weights upon the man that he will collapse beneath the load of retrieving his own position in his own country while trying to bring survival surgery to Haiti.

Newsmax posted a photo of Obama with an extremely downcast countenance. The caption read: “A grim President Barack Obama stands with Vice President Joe Biden as he makes a statement about the earthquake in Haiti, Thursday, at the White House.”

That photo will show a countenance more and more fallen as the excruciating pressure increases beyond one man’s ability to fix Haiti.