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Friday, January 29, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.


Barack Hussein Obama and family have yet to find a church to attend regularly.

They left the Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, when its cultic rants delivered by Jeremiah Wright were exposed.

However, since moving to Washington, Obama has steered clear of Sunday worship in a city sanctuary. However, he tells media that he is practicing his Christian faith, regardless.

His “testimony” is backed up by liberal churchmen such as Jim Wallis. They endorse Obama’s Christian commitment.

Obama also says that he prays every night. He reads a devotional every morning. He counsels with church leaders—theological liberals—from time to time.

All this continues that Christian mask to cover up his Islamic loyalties.

The Bible says that by our fruits we are known.

Jesus would never support same-sex
“marriages.” Jesus would never endorse killing womb babies. Jesus would never give atheism the same level of importance as Christianity and other religions.

Jesus would not aggressively work to wipe out biblical broadcasting and telecasting in America. Jesus would not side with anti-Christian voices replete throughout the country. Jesus would not encourage unbelievers to up America’s Christian-heritage erase.

Yet Obama claims to be a “Christian” which means that he would follow the precepts of Jesus. However, he does everything but that.

Further, knowledgeable citizens know the long list of pro-Muslim policies and obvious gestures Obama has extended to Muslims worldwide, particularly in America.

In a TV interview, Obama confessed his “Muslim faith.”

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