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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“A number of cases in which young (Muslim) women have died or disappeared have raised concerns that violent families have been able to put their own concepts of discipline and retribution above the law, and that such families are regularly protected by their friends, neighbors and communities.

“There have also been concerns that police and prosecutors have been reluctant to investigate and act in such cases, possibly through unwillingness to provoke political or (Muslim) community trouble.

“One notable murder was that of 20-year-old (Muslim) Banaz Mahmod, who was raped, tortured and strangled at her South London home in 2006. Her body was later discovered in a suitcase in Birmingham.

“Her (Muslim) father and uncle were later convicted of murdering her because she wished to marry a man who was not approved by the family - and had thus brought shame on them.

“Miss Mahmod appealed to police for help before her death but was not taken seriously by officers” per MailOnline’s Steve Doughty.

The more Muslims move into Britain, the more their areas are seeing increase in so-called ‘honor killing.’ Many times these murders go unnoticed and unreported. Yet with the increase, British civility weakens.

Therefore, a British judge has stated emphatically that ‘honor killing’ and other Islamic violence will not be tolerated there. He says that such is not compatible with the British way of life.

“A senior judge yesterday condemned the notion of honor killings as an affront to English law.

“Lord Justice Wall declared that 'they are acts of simply sordid criminal behavior' and 'had nothing to do with any concept of honor known to English law'.

“In an Appeal Court test case he ruled that the welfare of children should not be put at risk because of the 'honor' idea held in some Muslim families.

“The judge added: ‘Arson, domestic violence and potential revenge likely to result in abduction or death are criminal acts which will be treated as such.’”

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