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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama is carrying through with Islam World Rule by destroying the most powerful nation on Earth.

He does this by beheading America financially. Our economic head is being cut from the neck and it is going on every day and night via Obama’s czar shadow government.

Congress’ Dems join in the beheading by siding up to Obama, not realizing that they themselves are losing their heads.

Muslim slaying of infidels does not have to be a physical beheading. Obama has taken it to the more subtle level. In any case, once the head is gone, death is the vogue.

Americans daily wonder about their future. They question Washington’s ability to govern. They worry about their wallets and their health coverage.

In other words, America is feeling the awful pain of being beheaded by those in power to see through the act.

Obama knows exactly what he is doing. So do his henchmen from yesteryear who attend to his every command. Dems bow and scrape to be party to the atrocity.

Common sense politics is nowhere to be found in Washington. Civility has been tossed. Insanity, particularly regarding budgets and deficits, is the mode. Put it together and one has the beheading of the Republic.

This will last as long as Obama continues double-talking, breaking promises, lying as an Islamic virtue, and getting by with time served in the White House. After all, he has three more years to last as resident of the Oval Office.

Obama is the most exemplary Muslim on the planet in that he has reached the pinnacle, weighs in against grassroots intelligent citizens and threatens with the most caustic retaliations if one crosses his plots.

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