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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet’s founder Dave McClung furthers the emergent church fracas by way of his ongoing ecclesiastical power cronyism within the Church of the Nazarene.

McClung is wealthy as a successful businessman. At the same time, he has been a stroked layman placed on denominational prestigious boards, even serving as past-president of Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy MA.

That political opportunism permits McClung his favored status as NazNet founder in upping the emergent evil. McClung’s web site states he wants to foster “community.” He says NazNet is a “friend” to the holiness church.


NazNet squashes holy community within an evangelical church that is founded upon God’s call to the holy life.

NazNet does not enhance holiness of heart and life. The site disclaims biblical holiness by endorsing the emergent church’s claim that the Bible is sidelined while sweet Jesus is all that’s necessary. One can even bring under the Jesus tent all world religions, embracing whatever in Jesus love.

This is a blatant prostitution of the Jesus reality.

Do you see how far flung McClung’s cronyism within the Church of the Nazarene has brought the denomination into heresy via NazNet? It is blasphemy. It is diabolical.

Will the denominational leadership bring McClung to a “come to Jesus” agreement to expunge NazNet of heresies posted especially by moderators Hans Deventer and Scott Cundiff? If those denominational leaders do not do that, God will take care of the Church of the Nazarene in a most severe disciplinary manner. God being God, He is justice as well as mercy.

The emergent mess says that eternal absolutes are foolish, in the way, a nuisance. Emergent fuzz guru Brian McLaren states: “I believe people are saved not by objective truth, but by Jesus. Their faith isn’t in their knowledge, but in God.”

By “objective truth” he means “eternal, biblical absolutes.” In other words, McLaren and disciples believe in moral relativism—situation ethics. There are no “object truths.” None. Religion is all about being subjective—whatever you make “truth” to be, it is.

That is anti-Bible, antiChrist, anti-scriptural Christian theology. That is in-your-face old-time theological liberalism believed by Unitarians and all others disclaiming the Bible as the Word of God.

McClung’s site actually encourages this widespread devilment. How does he get by with it to this very moment? Why has he not been brought to task?

Remember: He is one of the power structure’s cronies. It’s politics, not truth, that counts with McClung and his clique.

That is being Pharisee groupie present-tense. McClung and colleagues stubbornly stand fast against God’s divine revelation.

I think there will be numerous Nazarenes standing quite stark naked, frosted in fear, at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Yet today they claim to be “holiness people.”

Such is the confusion of the times when it comes to holiness as defined by Scripture.