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Sunday, February 7, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sarah Palin hit the nail on the head when she told the Tea Party Nation Convention that this repeated mantra of ‘bi-partisanship’ needs to find exit. Quickly. Like right now.

When Congressmen continue to boast on their bi-partisanship, it reveals their lack of conviction. That’s the upshot of what Palin was declaring.

For an elected official to state sweet things to media by continually bragging on how nicely he reaches “across the aisle” makes bland a Congress.

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News gets to the same point. When interviewing John McCain, he kept sounding lovely by accenting his “bi-partisanship” in Congress.

She interrupted him abruptly to ask him why he said those sweet words about his opponents. And then she went on to refer to others who do the same. She did not let up on her criticism of limp verbiage.

She put it to McCain by saying that accenting how kindly Congressmen dialogue with one another gives the American public the idea that conviction has drained out. Of course, the present proof is that conviction has indeed drained out, except for liberals. They cling to insane conviction even when it beheads the nation.

Van Susteren said that conservative patriots want leaders who stand for something, not for officials who kiss up to one another with these pretty phrases.

Palin drummed the same. And the Convention responded loudly with cheers of assent.

From what Scott Brown has been telling about his senatorial style, it appears he is of the same conviction cloth. He’s not going to be cute with other Congressmen; instead, he’s going to stand up for what Brown believes and so go at it.

It’s time that this wishy-washy laudatory verbiage be cut out of Congressmen’s giving forth. It does not make points with the grassroots.

Let feathers fly. Let sparks flash. Let the moralist convictions light up the sky.

If not, we have a mush for a Congress. At present, that appears to be what we are paying for, keeping the mush limpid.