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Friday, February 5, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet Coordinator Hans Deventer poses his questions about an eternal hell.

One of the dilemmas he posits is that there cannot be an everlasting fire in total darkness called “hell” even though Jesus stated that.

Therefore, this reasoning helps Deventer conclude that when Jesus speaks of an eternal burning fire as well as entire darkness, He must have been uninformed.

That then edges Deventer closer to his doctrine of the annihilation of the unsaved rather than those souls spending forever in punishment.

In other words, Deventer knows more than Jesus. There is no other conclusion that a bystander can reach but that—Deventer knows what hell is and Jesus was mistaken. Consequently, eternal hell is not. Deventer says so.

Deventer is obviously ignorant of the fact that total darkness with intense heat already exists. It is the burnt out star known as the “black hole.”

Black holes in the universe are just those—entities in which there is no light at all and at the same time there is heat beyond description. In other words, black holes could very well stand for “hell.” At least, they supply the existence of Jesus’ definition.

Deventer needs to move over and let Jesus be God. When God speaks in the Bible, whether we understand what is there or not, does not discount what is there.

Deventer finds it difficult to reckon with his finite brain. He is mortal. He is not capable to think through eternal data to its nth degree. Therefore, Deventer needs to quit depositing doubt on NazNet and start upping his faith quotient in the infallible Word of God.

However, Deventer and fellow Coordinator Scott Cundiff do not hold to an infallible Scripture. They conclude that the Word of God has errors in it. That doubt factor is blatantly stated on NazNet. What then are posters to think when these two staffers question the Bible as the truth-full divine revelation?

In the meantime, NazNet Founder Dave McClung needs to request Deventer in particular to keep his anti-Bible doubts to himself rather than blather them all over a site that claims to be a “friend” to the Church of the Nazarene.

Such cutting up Nazarene beliefs in the name of “friend” is not friendly at all. It is betrayal.

All of this has been pointed out to the Church of the Nazarene General Superintendents, but seemingly to no avail. Could it be because McClung has been “high up there” in various denominational positions over years and therefore has insulated himself against criticism?

I don’t know; but the heresies continue to stand on NazNet even though the Nazarene leaders have been requested to do something about them. Apparently the denomination can be sacrificed in other protect a fellow politician.

And so the dreadful beat goes on of NazNet threatening the Church of the Nazarene’s integrity. NazNet, in short, appears to be creating a “church” of its own while playing up to the Church of the Nazarene hierarchy, trying to appear companionable.