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Saturday, February 6, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet Site Coordinator Hans Deventer wobbles again.

The question is asked on NazNet as to who believes in universalism.


Universalism believes that all souls go to heaven. God’s grace is universally applied, no soul excepted, hence the creation of the Unitarian-Universalist Society, headquartered in Boston.

“Universalism refers to the belief that all humans can be saved through Jesus Christ and eventually come to harmony in God's kingdom. A related doctrine, apokatastasis, is the belief that all mortal beings will be reconciled to God, including Satan and his fallen angels. In the 17th-century and 18th-century Europe and America, other Christian reformers came to believe in a universally loving God and felt that God would grant all human beings salvation. Read “Universalism” at

The Bible over and over again states that there is an eternal hell and an eternal heaven. Those who follow Christ go to heaven. Those who do not, go to hell. This reveals divine mercy and justice in balance, just as the Bible teaches.

Can the Bible get clearer than that?

Obviously the Bible is offbeat for Deventer. Deventer does not regard the Bible as infallible. He holds that it has errors in it. Question to Deventer: Once you pull one error thread from the Bible, where do you stop? If you logically continue to your heart’s content, you will end up in the Unitarian-Universalist camp.

Deventer states in reply to this NazNet site question “Are you a universalist at heart?” the following limp response for a designated NazNet staff member.

“’I'm a Nazarene, I do not believe in universalism, but I hope God does.’”


That is typical unsteady Deventer and others on NazNet. Instead of forthrightly endorsing the Bible with Scriptural references, they wobble, they waffle. They must think that is cute. It is not cute. It is blasphemous to counter the Word of God with one’s willy-nilly statements.

Again, NazNet claims to be a “friend” of the evangelical, holiness Church of the Nazarene. No way does that church support universalism or wobbly sweet nothings as Deventer prints on the site.

NazNet cannot be trusted. It is not biblically solid.

Deventer also believes that unsaved souls are annihilated at death; they suffer no eternal hell.

NazNet is no friend of God, the Bible or the Church of the Nazarene.

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