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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Christians got to work, including prayer, to defeat officialdom from blessing ‘same-sex unions’ as legal, per Baptist Press’ Michael Foust.

Believers banded together to network. They showed up before lawmakers to tell them not to legalize these unions.

They prayed in church, at home and in their individual devotions that God would bring biblical ethic victory to Hawaii. And it happened.

“Rick Lazor, pastor of OlaNui Church, a Southern Baptist congregation, told Baptist Press the outcome was pleasantly surprising.

“’We can come up with some good procedural reasons [for why it failed], but I don't have a doubt in my mind that it was prayer,’ Lazor told Baptist Press.

“‘We can't figure out how seven or eight representatives switched [in the last year], and some of these who became “no” votes or didn't want to vote were folks who were extremely passionate about passing it last year. It was pretty amazing.’”

God promised that the “effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avail much.” God inspired his Holy Word to guide us in intercession and to keep the hope alive when battling various social evils.

Christians around the world daily are more and more aware that the sphere is spiritual. We are not confined to a secular world. We are living in a sphere in which the forces of good battle against the bad. Therefore, believers must be on the front lines defending the Scriptures as divinely inspired. Consequently, they defend scriptural morality.

As an example of how not to do it, chaplain Barbara Moulton, former staff member of NazNet web site, stated that she would not testify publicly against same-sex “marriages.” Yet she claims to have been a writer for the pro-friendly Church of the Nazarene read.

NazNet is not officially linked to the holiness church; however, Dave McClung, founder, repeatedly states that his site is a “friend” to the denomination. This cannot be fact for the site espouses teachings that are heretical to the Church of the Nazarene, e.g., annihilation of the unsaved at death, an “intermediate state” following death, the teaching that the Bible cannot be trusted for it has errors in it, and the hope of universal salvation.

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For Ms. Mouton, as an example, to refuse to give witness to the biblical definition of marriage is appalling. Thank heaven the believers in Hawaii disagreed with her cowardice.

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