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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele may be a smart fellow in some sort of fashion, but his mouth has a gear out of whack.

For example, Steele says Republicans can’t win in 2010. That comes from the man chosen to be the Party’s cheerleader.

The last ingredient the Republican Party needs is a speaker who knocks his own. The Party must have a spokesman who knows his facts, speaks realistically with finesse and molds concepts that build a future.

Steele has none of these qualities. Instead, he makes statements that defy facts. He lacks mouth control so as to be, for one, abrasive. Instead of envisioning Republican wins, he preaches weakness and defeat.

Reports have it that Steele is getting Republican spankings behind doors. Sometimes they come in news interviews with those shocked at the Steele drag on the Party. For certain, there are not many in Steele’s amen corner these days. He’s become an embarrassment to Republicans.

No doubt it’s his personality. And that is not going to change dramatically for what fundamentally Steele is, he is. Now the Republican Party realizes that it made a poor choice when coming upon his persona.

Should he be fired?

Steele has baited the Party with that question by saying if the Party wants to fire him, then fire him. Is that the kind of image the Party needs for its Chairman? Hardly. He’s asking for trouble from his own family and he is getting it.

Here is vintage Steele mouth per Newsmax’s Ronald Kessler:

“’Get a life,’ Steele snapped. ‘If you don’t want me in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up. Get with the program.’

“Responding to a comment by TV One’s Roland Martin that ‘white Republicans have been scared of black folks,’ Steele replied, ‘You’re absolutely right.’

“The first African-American RNC chairman, Steele continued, ‘I’ve been in the room, and they’ve been scared of me. I’m like, I’m on your side.’

“In the face of criticism, Steele routinely tries to retract his controversial statements. He now says Republicans will win in 2010, but the damage has been done. He has defended his leadership by saying, ‘I have $8 million [cash on hand in the RNC's coffers] and no debt.’

“Given that the RNC had $23 million when Steele took over in January 2009, $8 million now on the books is not exactly impressive. Meanwhile, some key Republican donors say they are avoiding the RNC.

“On Fox, when Hannity expressed surprise at Steele's comment that Republicans wouldn't be able to take back the House, Steele allowed that ‘I don’t know yet’ whether Republicans could win a majority because candidates still are being lined up.

“’But then,’ Steele said, ‘the question we need to ask ourselves is, if we do that, are we ready?’

Hannity asked Steele what his answer is.

“’I don’t know,’ Steele said.”

Obviously that is not what the Republican Party wants to hear.

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