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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Years ago, Haitians told the Devil they would serve him if they could be severed from French rule.

They were severed from French rule and so now live under the curse.

You may believe that or not. Some conclude it is but a legend. Robertson considers it to be history.

There are some events regarded as legend that in fact were historical. When I attended Harvard Divinity School I was taught basically that biblical miracles could be traced back to legends and were not history.
I did not accept that. I believed just the opposite.

Who today was at the events referred to by Robertson? No one. So the debate will go on till the end of time.

Countless will discount Robertson as a hyper Pentecostal spokesman as they have in the past. Others will believe his conclusion as sound.

Whatever choice, the Bible states clearly that when a people turn away from God, divine curses come upon them. Read Deuteronomy 28 at

When people live in total surrender to the Bible’s God, divine blessings are bestowed upon them.

Those who despise the Bible as mythology then go spastic over others who claim the Bible as eternal truth. The anti-Bible crew turns into screeching hyenas blasting the Scriptures.

However, those who align their faith with the Bible as God’s Word believe with their entire beings such biblical teachings as Deuteronomy’s curses and blessings.

Mortals have free will. They can choose because God has formed them that way. Therefore, God permits mortals to despise Him or delight in Him. Their last breath then yields the consequences with eternal
bliss in heaven or eternal damnation in hell.

Again, those who despise the Bible as so much rubbish go absolutely berserk when such statements are made. They don’t believe in God. They don’t hold to a heaven or hell. They believe all is morally relativistic. This existence is all there is and so forth.

However, those who confess the Bible as their guide for belief and lifestyle hold fast to the curses and blessings segments. They live their lives staving off the curses by obeying God. They witness that in obeying God they experience His blessings.

America is in dire shape. This country has committed sins that are abhorrent to the Bible’s God. Two of them are killing womb babies in huge numbers and baptizing homosexual practice as morally legitimate.

There are other outrageous evils permitted openly by American citizens, some protected by law, others held to simply because sin is enjoyable for a season.

If our nation continues to turn its face against God, it will pay severely with divine curses.

There is an obvious, pressing need for a spiritual revival to engulf America; only then will divine blessings return to this country.

It is the curse. Or it is the blessing. Free wills determine which America will experience.