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Thursday, November 19, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

When Sarah Palin was on a book signing stop, MSNBC's HARDBALL Chris Matthews and colleague staff interviewed some persons standing in line for Palin’s signature.

Matthews, having confessed to the world that when he ponders Barack Hussein Obama, he gets a thrill running up his leg. What doctor could fix that? Perhaps a sex psychiatrist. But then again, maybe Mathew doesn’t want therapy.

Matthews, having dreamed of Obama in fantasy venues, said to all that it is quite proper to cry when wooing the persona of Barack Hussein Obama.

Now Matthews, having become mesmerized by the Oval Office occupant, slams Palin’s cheering section for being too white. Too white?

That’s right. On Matthews’ news blab, he kept pronouncing that it was a wonder that
so many white mortals were there at the line stand in.

This is Matthews the blatant racist. He should slide off the screen.

What if FOXNews had said that they wondered why so many blacks showed up for whatever Obama event he starred in, would not the planet have split in half?

If conservative telecasters had underlined the estimate numbers of blacks present at an Obama rally, all hell would have broken lose. Conservatives would have been whip lashed into the ocean.

However, liberals can get by with whatever transgression they conjure.

So goes the double standard. That’s the black and white of it.