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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sarah Palin, if running for President, surely will divide this Republic all the more into two definite segments—fiercely opposing segments.

Already we have two primary segments: believers and secularists.

Believers are those moralists who hold to the God of the Bible, particularly the New Testament God in Christ. It may be via Roman Catholicism, evangelical Protestantism, Orthodox Christians, or non-church members who hold to biblical ethics.

Secularists are exampled by Joy Behar on The View. She is with conviction a non-believer who holds that this life is all there is. No deity. No hereafter. No judgment accountability. This is it; write your own (im)morals.

George W. Bush’s interviews regarding his faith brought out remarks that he read the Bible, prayed to Christ, believed in the hereafter, and other basics common to biblical believers.

This infuriated secularists. They charged him with swords and knives aplenty. Likewise Laura.

But with Sarah Palin, Pentecostal, all the more swords will cut and slash. Interviewers from a secularist-based media will pound away till blood flows in her boulevards. Headlines will misquote her. Liberal press will cut her to ribbons.

Therefore, if there was a divide in the Republic with Bush, all the more so with Palin. Will she make it through a campaign let alone a sit-down in the White House? That is a tough question to answer.

But one thing Palin cannot afford to do is to compromise who she is. And who she is is known now by thinking moralists. Thinking moralists know their faith, ethic, biblical mooring and its practical lifestyle. They are also tuned into buzzwords that reveal truth or double-talk.

Therefore, if Palin compromises her ethic, it will be picked up immediately by genuine moralists. And they will not let her get by with hypocrisy.

For instance, when Bush invited Muslims to a Ramadan dinner in the White House at which time he lifted high the Koran, announcing its placement in the White House library, knowledgeable biblical believers shot him down—and appropriately so.

When Bush told a visiting Muslim leader that many paths lead to God, knowledgeable biblical believers let not a moment go by without informing the President that he was so utterly incorrect.

These two faith failures will long be remembered by those who know the solid faith they hold as eternal truth. Eternal verities cannot be sliced through. They cannot be used opportunistically for this or that. They are God-given; therefore, even the President of the United States cannot sheer off truth’s solidity.

If Palin tries for the numbers’ game by playing politically correct in any venue, she’s done. Secularists will immediately drive home her inconsistency. Moralists will drive home her weakness.

She cannot afford inconsistencies or weakness. She sounds solid now. She must sound solid all the way through to whatever.

In doing so, she will divide the American people all the more into two fighting segments—secularists versus biblical believers.