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Monday, November 16, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet website Founder/Moderator Dave McClung makes this statement at the site’s outset:

“NazNet is proud to be a loyal supporter of the denomination and its world wide mission -- to respond to the Great Commission of Christ ‘to make Christ-like disciples in the nations.’ This is a Nazarene friendly site and our purpose is: ‘building community among Nazarenes and friends.’”

Not so. In fact, far far from it.

NazNet undercuts Church of the Nazarene historic theology. One of the site’s prime voices is Moderator Hans Deventer, unfortunately.

McClung should absent Deventer from any posts on the site if McClung wants to be honest in his opening statement of support for the Church of the Nazarene.

Deventer propagates heresies that will never be acceptable to Wesleyan holiness teachings of the Church of that Nazarene, that is, unless this denomination transgresses its spiritual journey in disobeying God. And that in fact is happening as I type. If it continues, the Church of the Nazarene will implode under God’s wrath.

For example, NazNet reader Ian Gentles states to Deventer: “I believe in eternal torment. Oh trust me, I don’t like it, but I believe it. Can the church have misunderstood all these centuries?”

Deventer answers: “THE church has had different opinions, and THE church has never felt the need to express itself in the early creeds on this topic. Hence, it is an issue where differences of opinion are allowed.”

Gentles responds: “Did the Nazarene church misunderstand?”

Deventer says: “Yes. Hey, we can't have everything right, can we?”

Gentles continues: “Did i misunderstand the Bible?”

Deventer again: “Yes.”


Gentles states he believes the biblical Christ’s teaching regarding eternal torment being just that.

Deventer redirects him to the “truth according to Deventer.” Sadly Deventer does this repeatedly throughout the site.

Deventer tenaciously believes in infant baptism, contrary to the traditional Nazarene infant dedication and adult believers’ baptism.

Deventer teaches that there is no “eternal torment.” Deventer states that “annihilation” is the proper reality.

Deventer teaches that there is no such entity as “eternal life.” “Eternal” is not meant to be everlasting but merely the content, not duration for the saved.

Deventer does not hold that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God. He believes that the more doubt one holds to, the more one comes upon truth. Moderator Scott Cundiff agrees. NazNet Founder Dave McClung does nothing to correct these heresies.

I emailed Deventer regarding his misuse of Scripture. His email to me let me know that I am his “enemy.”

If am his enemy, I am God’s friend. Deventer destroys the biblical truth; I support biblical truth.

Deventer seemingly has no fear of appearing before the Judgment Seat of Christ for he writes his own holy writ by flying by the seat of his pants.

That’s actually not the way to carry out biblical research, especially for the benefit of inquirers on a site that advertises itself as friend to Nazarenes.

What say, McClung?