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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sarah Palin will be quizzed about political this and that. But when she runs for Oval Office, if she does, and it surely does appear as if it’s in her adrenaline swing, her being Christian will be shredded.

She is not only Christian in the biblical definition, but also “evangelical” when it comes to tags.

And not only “evangelical,” but charismatic/pentecostal.

That issue alone will swab the deck. The atheists, agnostics and generic secularists will warp and woof. They will holler and screech. They will write and scrawl. They will pull up the sewer tops from every evangelical and pentecostal persona in the past century.

Further, they will take especially the pentecostal beliefs and strew them from coast to coast, then every continent. They will misplace them, misstate them, malign them and nail them to hell’s front door.

The bloody war that awaits evangelicals and charismatics in particular is not yet envisioned by the general biblical believers. But it will be forthcoming if she goes further than marketing her book.

Her local church will be swarmed with reporters. Her pastor will have to hide from media. Every churchgoer there in her hometown will likewise be buttonholed. Some will speak clearly regarding doctrine. Others won’t have a clue and so will stir up the theological pot to dirt.

Then First Dude will be quizzed till he’ll flee on dogsled. Palin children will be asked if they agree or disagree with family faith, especially the matriarch’s claim.

The Bible verses relating to miracles, the Second Coming and speaking in tongues will make front page fodder, mostly screwed up to the nth.

Imagine what Katie Couric will do with the Word.

Those truly interested in the topic will be twittering and emailing and posting till their fingers fall off. In the meantime, God will oversee the mayhem and wonder what happened when Sarah Palin decided to run run run.

The circus has not even started yet. Wait till they pitch the Big Tent.