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Monday, November 16, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barbara Moulton told me: “I don't perform them (homosexual ‘marriages’) and will never perform them. I simply am not going to crusade against allowing them to take place in my country.”

“. . . not. . .crusade against allowing them. . .”

So that’s the conclusion of it, is it Ms. Chaplain?

To her cemented conclusion I asked her how she could be a biblical Christian and yet gag her biblical testimony in the marketplace?

My Bible reads that Christ told His own to gospel the world. That includes the Christ ethic regarding issues such as homosexual practice. Moulton refuses to recant her cowardliness for courage in witnessing openly regarding this pressing moral issue.

I have waited for a retraction from the Chaplain. None has been forthcoming.

Instead, Moulton has informed me that she has blocked my email communications. In her own words: “I will be blocking your e-mail.” Clearly noted.

Further, she complains that by exposing her cowardliness, I botched her morning.

She states: “Thanks for starting my day off in such a lovely manner.” That said sarcastically, obviously.

Immediately I thought of God’s heart. How “lovely” has Moulton delighted the divine by hiding “gay nuptials” in the closet. There she put “homosexual marriage” for all time, no matter the call of God to broadcast truth by every means possible.

As Ms. Chaplain locks the closet door, homosexuals clog our boulevards with crusading chants.

Did not Christ say something about not hiding one’s light under a bushel?

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