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Sunday, November 15, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet Moderator Hans Deventer has no clue as to what happens to the soul upon death.

In a particular NazNet discussion slide he states unabashedly that hell is not “eternal torment,” though Christ states same as well and in numerous places gives more data than that.

Yet Deventer upstages Christ by declaring that there is no eternal torment known as “hell.” Instead, hell is “annihilation.” Annihilation? Yes, annihilation, per Hans Deventer.

Nowhere in Scripture does God the revelator proclaim that definition of annihilation for “hell.” Deventer makes it up and yet without apology puts it on the site that underlines its allegiance to the holiness, biblically grounded Church of the Nazarene.

Now in that same discussion slide, Deventer questions “eternal life” as being “eterenal.” Deventer once again plays linguistic magician by taking clear scriptural language and giving it a totally different definition.

Here is typical Deventer: “Eternal life is known to be a quality of life rather than a duration.”

I always thought that “eternal” meant “eternal.” Deventer declares the exact opposite. He says that it has nothing to do with eternality but the content of existence.

This kind of twist and turn repeats itself throughout NazNet while non-theologian NazNet Founder Dave McClung does absolutely nothing to biblically correct these heresies.

No wonder Deventer along with NazNet Moderator Scott Cundiff do not believe that the Bible is in fact the infallible, inerrant Word of God. They state that the Bible is loaded with flaws. Therefore, God has no idea how to communicate a perfect revelation; instead, He makes mistakes or stretches detail at times or just plain misses the point on occasion.

Such hubris. However, hubris is current fare of NazNet overseers.

So there you have it on heaven: it is not eternal. “Eternal” does not mean “eternal” to Deventer.

And the devilish beat goes on and on.