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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

There on NazNet website was a discussion regarding my EASTERN NAZARENE COLLLEGE ANTICHRISTIAN PLAY PRESENTED post recently on numerous sites. Read

The NazNet discussion was particularly mean regarding me and my writing content and style.

I was born into the Church of the Nazarene which is basically unofficially the dialogue base of this website. I pastored in that denomination from 1964-1998.

Now my posts regarding the antiChristian drama presentation at my alma mater becomes, not by my submission by the way, a discussion piece on NazNet.

With that, people who know me and don’t know me plow in. Their remarks are so cheap and slap-stick pocking that it is unbearable to imagine that a Church of the Nazarene-related website would tolerate such tawdry fare, especially when it is so derision-based against a pastor—myself.

Then friend Robert Hartman enters the discussion with a gentlemanly polite defense of Grant Swank, his writings over half a century and his biblical convictions.

That raises the ire of responders all the more. They become even more vicious, nasty and, yes, unChristian in the guise of appearing spiritually excellent.

Now the moderator of that particular discussion point closes down the site. But it is not in the midst of responders’ discourteous slams against me. It is when Robert Hartman logically, courteously defends my character and writings. Read

Moderator Barbara Moulton closes down the discussion by disciplining Robert Hartman. It is his comment input that is put down as the necessity for stopping all further remarks.


Nasty, mean-spirited cheap comments can flow like a river without Moulton’s interference. However, when Robert Hartman enters to rightfully defend me and my positions, he is the villain who has brought an end to that discussion thread.

NazNet, if you reflect the Church of the Nazarene in present tense, the denomination is in sad shape. Sad sad shape indeed.

By the way, I checked out other NazNet discussion slides and find that often the same few responders are floating from dissuasion slide to discussion slide. There are not countless individuals involved in the NazNet site.

In addition, I came upon the NazNet discussions regarding the Eucharist. May I ask what “Eucharist” has to do with the Church of the Nazarene? Everyone in religious studies knows that the Church of the Nazarene has never long-term history spoken of communion by the term “Eucharist.” It has always been called “communion” or “the Lord’s supper.”

Does this Eucharist nomenclature simply expose the small grouping of elitist Nazarenes who are pushing for a complete change within the denomination? I have heard that there are those desiring to erase the past heritage of the Nazarene worship style for a mimicking of high church whatever.

By reading the comments on the NazNet discussion slide regarding the Eucharist, I would conclude that these wise-guys are part of the elitist crew who have no idea what they are talking about. They simply go on and on to impress one another as some sort of intellectuals into ritual this-and-that.

All in all, NazNet lacks quality, intellectual excellence and spiritual loyalty to the Scripture, particularly the Bible’s accent on holiness. That is a travesty.

It does not look healthy for the Church of the Nazarene if NazNet reflects that denomination.