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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Our Maine Christians are rejoicing in the aftermath of the voters’ support for the biblical definition of marriage.

Those chanting for homosexual nuptials lost, though into Tuesday evening it appeared as if they might win. It was not till this morning that I learned the win news.

Countless biblical believers have worked hard to support God’s view of marriage. They have prayed, phoned, given money, and voted. Now this morning they reap their win on behalf of scriptural truth.

On Tuesday evening it was nauseating to see one more time Maine’s governor take center stage with TV coverage as he proudly endorsed that which God abhors. So goes our political leadership in this naturally endowed state.

Maine is gorgeous in nature’s splendor—at any season. That’s why my wife and I concluded that in all the places we have lived, Maine tops them all—equal to our home in Nova Scotia.

Anywhere in Maine one can travel a short distance to entertain God’s pristine wonders unspoiled by human’s mess machine. We’ve lived in Indiana, Kansas, New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Missouri. But Maine outstrips them all when it comes to God’s handiwork.

It is so sad that much of anti-God plugging goes on in this naturally gifted environs. We have both extremes—the splendor provided by the Creator and the wretched schemes of the ungodly.

However, midst all that are bedrock Christians. They wed with one another in this fight against evil and they won out for the moral base of Maine. This has been one tough going. However, believers relied on prayer power and God’s guidance every step of the way.

The Maine legislature and governor dictated a homosexual rule in the state, even called sodomy “marriage.” However, grassroots voters won out for biblical ethics. The legislature and governor now sit in the back seat. Will they remain there and turn toward more noble goals? Only time will tell.

However, Maine being what it is, no doubt the immoral renegades will resurface immediately. However, the Christians will not back off. They remain loyal to the eternal verities, blessed by the God of the Bible.

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