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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Mob hysteria sent a celebrity-type into the Oval Office. Reason had little to do with the Barack Hussein Obama win.

There were scores of voters who were caught up in an emotional vote for the first black President. They loved him, wept for him, and stroked him onto Pennsylvania Avenue.

The reasonable quotients at the grassroots agonized over an election based on frenzy rather than logic.

However, since Obama has done little but move the Republic more and more to the socialist leftist edge of falling off the cliff, reality has crept back into America’s brain cavities.

Obama has delivered a cadre of sidekicks laden with criminal records. They are an unsavory lot who should never have the power plays in their court.

Obama promised “hope” and “change” which is a duo slowly fading from political verbiage. Why? Because there is no reality based hope to his promise. There is no productive change to his policies.

Reason is beginning to get hold of the electorate. This means that in recent elections reason has shown itself in public via the local vote. The ballots cast on November 3 indicate that people used their heads rather than their libidos to decide.

There was no rallying around weeping women pawing the air. There were no stadiums filled with Obama-crazed disciples.

Instead Americans quietly went to the polls, wrote out their conclusions on ballot forms and then waited for results tallied. In those tallies rose up the logic instead of the emotional nonsense that reasonable citizens endured in the presidential election.

In other words, there is realistic hope that realistic change may save the nation from destruction. Reasonable folk know that we are not home free on that score for there are the criminal-types still holding positions circling Obama.

However, in time the reasonable contingent could rescue the power plays for America’s resurgence as a genuine democracy. This would slide off the charts the socialistic pressure Obama has put on the country to submerge our democratic heritage.

Reason, not emotion, is what came forth center stage on Election Day this November. Buttressing the voting specifics is that foundational reality: reason, not emotion, won out in major quarters. This win out should continue in months ahead to reclaim America as the strong, honorable Republic it has been in the past.

Surely praying believers from coast to coast can take encouragement in their faith in the God who was honored by our original founders. They believed in the biblical God, taught their children about Him in the schools and taught His Word from colony pulpits Sunday after Sunday.

The present-day righteous remnant has taken most seriously the power of intercessory prayer for our nation. They have prayed in their homes with believing friends. They have prayed in their Bible studies and Sunday school classes. They have prayed from their lecterns. They have prayed in their personal daily devotions.

Those prayers in the now, tied in with the thirteen colonies’ originators prayers for their future nation, are coupled before heaven’s throne. God takes most seriously those petitions and will answer them according to His will.

After all, America is the only country on the planet that has had such a biblically based start. God will not forget that start or those today who champion that start resurrected for our nation’s tomorrows.