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Thursday, November 12, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Hans Deventer has labeled me one of his “enemies.”

I did not reply to his email to me about that except to accept his conclusion.

I am not an enemy to any person who defends truth as defined by the Bible. I have stood by the scriptural data regarding eternal damnation, adult believers’ baptism, homosexual activity, and the Word of God being inerrant.

Because of that I stand enemy to Moderator Hans Deventer and Chaplain Moderator Barbara Moulton. As a footnote to the aforementioned, NazNet site Founder and Moderator Dave McClung supports these two staff members and thereby disagrees with biblical data, thus disagreeing with me.

Deventer has disagreed with biblical data regarding eternal damnation in stating simply that he believes the unsaved are annihilated. This is not scriptural.

Deventer has disagreed with biblical data regarding adult believers’ baptism in supporting infant baptism. Infant baptism is not scriptural.

Deventere has disagreed with biblical data regarding the Scriptures being inerrant. He believes they are open to error. This is not scriptural.

Deventer’s moderator colleague Barbara Moulton disagrees with the biblical call to defend the biblical ethic in public. She, a chaplain, will not take the biblical opposition to homosexual unions into the open. She is adamant about that. She, a chaplain, will not let the public know that God abhors homosexual activity.

What does she preach as a chaplain? If she preached to listeners to go forth with the gospel, she would have to footnote that sermon by admonishing that gospel witnessing is fine except for publicly defending the divine refutation of homosexual activity. Is not that usurping the divine authority?

Now concerning biblical data, I agree with same for I dare not transgress God’s revelation. God has spoken about hell as being “eternal torment.” Of course, Christ provides more descriptive terminology concerning the state of the damned.

God has no other New Testament information concerning baptism but that individuals who have knowingly accepted Christ as personal Lord give witness to that by being baptized. This is a public testimony that God has washed away the sins of the soul.

New Testament data states nowhere that any infant was baptized. None. That is Roman Catholic liturgy. But it is not what the biblically moored Church of the Nazarene has practiced since its start.

The Church of the Nazarene has the custom of dedicating little ones. That is proper and does not go against any biblical information; however, infant baptism can be found nowhere in the Bible.

As for the Bible being God’s eternal without-error Word, there can be no conclusion thereby reached but that God knows how to communicate perfectly. If God is incorrect in some of His communication, then He is not fit to be God.

Those claiming that the Bible has errors in it cannot explain the difficult passages such as the supposed harsh verses of the Old Testament.

That means that these individuals have not taken the nerve to think through, via the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the explanation satisfactory to accepting these verses as history.

Here, for example, is a thinking through of the difficult passages that leaves the Bible without error: BIBLE HARSH PENALTIES & CHRIST’S ETHIC at

So for disagreeing with Deventer’s unbiblical conclusions, he has tagged me one of his “enemies.”

For that reason, I am most honored to accept the label. At least I am true to the God of the Bible and therefore have no fear of the Judgment Seat of Christ.