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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Once again, NazNet sets forth the liberal position.

Yet NazNet claims to be a friend to the evangelical, holiness Church of the Nazarene. Obviously, per numerous posts on its site, it is no friend.

It is popular on NazNet, particularly by site overseers, to support a Bible not fully reliable.

NazNet basically claims the Word of God is errant. That is, it has errors in it.

Therefore, one is left to pick and choose what is error and what is not error. Imagine the hubris of the mortal, especially in deciphering the divine revelation.

NazNet Manager G. R. ‘Scott’ Cundiff supports the errant position of Dr. C.S. Cowles of Point Loma Nazarene University. Cowles puts forth his thesis here:

Cowles’ presentation is entitled: “Scriptural Inerrancy? ‘Behold, I Show You A More Excellent Way’: An Open Letter by C. S. Cowles / Spring, 2009 Point Loma Nazarene University.”

NazNet Moderator Hans Deventer echoes Cundiff’s praise for Cowles’ lecture that the Scriptures have errors in them. Hans says regarding Cundiff’s writing: “I have only one comment: WOW! Thank you, Dr. Cowles. This is a keeper.”

There can be no doubt that NazNet fosters biblical errancy. There is no doubt that NazNet encourages theological liberalism.

In addition, for more liberal positions, note: NazNet Chaplain Moderator Barbara Moulton states her preference for not taking into the openthe biblical position on homosexuality.

She states that she will not champion God’s position on the subject by defending God’s position in public. She will permit homosexuals to take over media coverage, for example. But she herself will keep her opinion in the closet.

In other words, it must not be nice or Christian to support in the marketplace the biblical stance regarding homosexual practice.


In addition, Moderator Hans Deventer states that Jesus was wrong when declaring hell is “eternal torment.” Deventer states the correct view is to proclaim that unbelievers are annihilated upon death.


Obviously, when one holds to biblical errancy, one can stray from the biblical ethic and moral base. That moves right into the theological liberal mode of writing your own holy writ, such being done throughout NazNet.

What those of us who hold to inerrancy do is think deeply about biblical research rather than lie down to say Quit. Saying Quit opens up Pandora’s Box for whatever one wants. That leads to theological anarchy.

It is also just what Satan would want for a holiness denomination once aligned solidly behind the Bible as the infallible divine revelation. NazNet fosters canceling out this Nazarene heritage for theological opportunism.

Behind it all is hubris, Eden’s first sin.

If the Church of the Nazarene continues endorsing this position, the denomination will unravel to lose the divine blessing. It will come under the divine curse as the liberal denominations are experiencing today.

Here is an example of thinking deeply through the biblical data.

The following centers on the harsh penalties of the Old Testament in light of the New Testament’s love ethic: BIBLE HARSH PENALTIES & CHRIST’S ETHIC at

Those who, like NazNet, follow Cowles are cowards in that they lie down to whimper Quit.

Genuine biblical researchers don’t do that. The biblical scholars in the past who were loyal to the inerrant divine revelation did not say Quit.

Those biblical researchers today who are loyal to the inerrant divine revelation do not say Quit.

Be forewarned: NazNet is no friend to the Church of the Nazarene. It is theologically liberal based, not holiness-conservative in its primary direction.