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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

America’s unseen Power at work on behalf of moralists is God.

The Republic Party does not have a strong front person as leader.

How is it then that the moral positions held to tenaciously by moralist Republicans continue to be defended, even with the most vicious attacks from the godless?

It is God, the unseen partner of prayer warriors. Those who intercede on behalf of the Republic are not in need of a mortal leader at the moment. We are bereft of a mighty party spokesperson.

Nevertheless, such ethical issues as abortion and homosexual unions are being fought by American citizens, but lead by the unseen Partner—God.

Therefore, all the more moralists must continue to believe in the universal Holy Presence. He does not need anything but those who have strong, childlike faith in Him.

God then can do whatever He plans on doing when having the Noah-and-his-family cohorts beseeching His intervention. There were only 8 who kept the faith in that generation. Yet the Creator defended them, kept them safe and disciplined the disobedient.

So it is in every age. God does not need a host; He needs those few who would put their faith on the line for His eternal verities. The righteous remnant is that conclave today. They join the early founders of this nation in their moral base and prayer faith.

Therefore, when newsfeeds inform moralists that they are weak because they “can’t get their act together” in uncovering that dynamic party leader, put aside that wail.

Rev up your faith quotient in God the Mighty God.